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Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each... Read More

  1. by   RNJD77
    Oh ok yeah,that sound about right since TWU has been telling me that we should find out by November 1st,so within these next 2-3 weeks we should hear something!I can't believe it's so soon!
  2. by   plasma
    Acceptance to the weekend program is suppose to be submitted to twu by october 23rd. Since applicants from weekend program not accepted will be considered for spring, something makes me think that they will wait until october 23rd to make decisions about spring...since, they have to find out if the applicant is accepting or declining admissions.
  3. by   ali523
    Quote from goopsy

    mau00, I think plasma means that the weekend program has to notify TWU by Oct 23. I hope that doesn't mean that the regular program won't find out until after the 23rd?!?!? I can't wait that long. I had thought for some reason that the weekend program finds out 1 week before the regulars do. Did anyone somehow get this impression.
    oh my gosh is this one week thing true???? PLEASE let us know if you find out if this is right! that's so crazy to think we could be finding out sooo soon!
  4. by   pj2076
    Congrats Plasma!
  5. by   chizzyann
    Does anyone have an idea what classes will be taken online because 8 of the weekend program classes are online.
  6. by   butterfly journey
    Well, I've looked at what has been offered in the past for the regular program (only through portal at what's been offered the last couple of semesters) and from what I can tell Introduction into Research and Promotiing Wellness in the Aging Family are two that I've seen that are offered online only, not sure about the rest.
  7. by   goopsy
    Well, now that I look at my calendar, I realize that the 23rd is only 2 days after what would have been 1 week. So, that's not a big deal, lol. Wow. The time is almost here!!!
  8. by   chizzyann
    plasma,do you know anyone already in the weekend program?
  9. by   plasma
    no i don't...give me any information if you get any!
  10. by   jakktwo
    New to post...Just received regular mail yesterday for Weekend Spring 2010 program....glad to be in. As others have said we have till 5 next Friday to fax or e-mail acceptance. Glad to b n.
  11. by   Hung
  12. by   elizabelle
    Just out of curiosity - those of you who made it in to the weekend program, did you apply for both the weekend and the regular program? So do you now have your choice between the 2, and you have to let them know by the 23rd which one you are doing? I am just wondering how it all works. Thanks!
  13. by   jakktwo
    I tried to apply to the weekend only but was informed that it automatically would apply to the regular if I did not get accepted to the weekend...