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I was so shocked when I checked my mail today b/c I got an acceptance letter from TWU! I didn't think their letters were going out until April. I was actually checking to see if I had gotten anything... Read More

  1. by   BrittRN2b
    I just got this email

    "Hello Prospective Nursing Student,
    The winter weather we received in the Dallas area last week delayed the processing of your application. Our campus was closed for two days due to winter weather.
    As of today, all letters have now been mailed. You should receive your notification in the USPS mail by the end of this week or early next week.
    TWU Nursing"

    I'm guessing this was sent to those who were not accepted, since someone else who was accepted said she was notified by email yesterday.
  2. by   BrittRN2b
    I got my letter from TWU today. I was not accepted. Oh well, onward! Still waiting on 2 other schools so I still have hope.