Texas Tech 2nd Degree BSN - Austin

  1. [FONT="Garamond"]Is anyone else applying to Texas Tech's Second Degree BSN - Austin right now? I just took my TEAS V test yesterday, and I'm getting ready to send in all my transcripts this week. Its getting so close! I'm getting nervous and excited
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  3. by   chelsmarie15

    Yes. I am putting in my application as we speak! I am so nervous, but incredibly excited.

    May I ask about your stats? What your previous degree is in? GPA standing? How'd you do on your TEAS? Volunteer experience? etc, etc.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   Deyanna119
    I'm excited someone responded!
    I have a B.S. in Health Sciences, GPA 3.7, 79.3% adjusted individual score on the TEAS V - 76.2 on reading, 86.7 on math, 77.1 on science, 70.0 on English. I did a lot of volunteer work during my Bachelors, some in a hospital others in an elementary school, a park clean-up etc. I'm working as a Patient Care Tech now (and haven't done much volunteering in the last year). I'm putting in my application today! What are your stats? How did you do on the TEAS? I'm embarrassed about my English and reading scores.
    Best of luck to you too!
  5. by   Txhopeful
    I applied yesterday too! I just need to send them my resume. 3.5 overall, 4.0 science, I don't remember my TEAS V scores right now. Hoping and praying that I get in. This is my dream program. I've heard nothing but great things about it. Compared to other programs, they are soooo organized.
  6. by   jlprice88
    I am also applying to Tech! Where did you take your TEAS V? That's the only thing I have left to do and all the testing site I have found are at other colleges you need to be 'applying to' in order to schedule there. Thanks for any help!
  7. by   chelsmarie15
    I followed the instructions on the TTUHSC website. It tells you how to register with Pearson Vue. And now I can't seem to find that section.


    This is the website I used. I took my exam near my home (Northwest Austin) at a testing center specifically for exams such as the TEAS V.

    Hope that helps.
  8. by   Txhopeful
    That's where I went as well-ATI Testing website. The location that was closest to me was on Dessau road. You have to make an appointment, so definitely don't wait 'til the last minute.
  9. by   GeckoGirl76
    Studying for my TEAS right now, I take it on the 26th. Just did my first practice test and got a 81% overall. Science was killer at 70.8%!! Man I need to refresh my chemistry!

    I've sent in my application too! GPA is 3.3. BS in Education. I was a middle school science teacher. Now we just have to bite our nails till October!!!
  10. by   RHS81
    It's great to see this thread! I'm also applying to the program and am really nervous about the TEAS. I take it Thursday. I scored an 83% total score on my first practice (62% on science, ack), studied the manual over several weeks, and just scored an 86% on the second practice (72% on the science). It just seems impossible! I'm going to review chemistry and physics before Thursday and hope for the best. I wish there was somewhere to see what the average scores for the program are. Does anyone know where we can find those?

    I have a bachelor's in business administration and a master's in workforce development. I was a high school career-technical teacher.

    As far as prerequisites, I have a 4.0. I have a lot of community service experience, but none in the last several years so I hope that doesn't hurt me. I also have never worked as a PCT or in a hospital at all, so that makes me nervous as well.

    This has been a long and complicated process to get ready to turn in my application and I'm excited and nervous at the same time!

    Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   Student-mom
    Just took the TEAS-V last Friday. Some of the questions were perfectly ridiculous in the reading section. I just made my best guess.

    Lots of Chemistry and A&P. My chemistry portion did not involve a periodic table: they didn't give me one and I didn't need it. Math is remedial with many basic algebra questions. Unless you are super-human speed wise with the pencil, you will need every minute to do the figuring. There is no way to study for the English,Reading and Grammar portion. You either know it or you don't.

    I had many resource materials for studying but it turns out the best that prepared me was the "pay $37 for the sample tests on ATI". I paid for both versions and am glad I did! There was actually one question on the sample that was on my math portion. I liked the samples because they gave a detailed report about where I was weak. I learned from the samples that if I took my time and thought through each question, I did better.

    I felt very prepared for the test. I don't know how to compare it to the previous TEAS but it would be difficult if I had not studied - especially for the Chem and A&P. The best study source for the Chem was actually Chem for Dummies. The ATI prep book for sale on the website was excellent for Math brush-up and A&P. The chem was weak in this book. There is also a specific TEAS-V preparation book available on Amazon. (black and yellow) The academic information was useless but the test taking hints and directions were very helpful. It showed how to do a good Hail Mary guess if need be and explained the intent of the test and the context in which it was written. It's a good book for those (like me!!) who choke on tests.

    Get good rest and take your time or you will go blind from the computer screen. One more thing...they only give you one piece of scrap paper at a time so when you run out, you have to sign out another during the test which eats up your minutes. Be sure to write small or figure in 2-3 extra minutes for scrap paper exchange.

    Hope this helps,
  12. by   Saria's Song
    Hi everyone!
    I am also applying. I just took the TEAS V on Friday and got a 82.7%, with my lowest in the reading and highest score in the science. I didn't take any practice exams so the format for some of the questions on the reading caught me off guard so it ended up hurting me :/

    Good luck to everyone
  13. by   Txhopeful
    I believe they will be sending out interview in mid October. I cannot WAIT! Has anyone received any correspondence from them? I received an e-mail last week saying they were reviewing my application, but were missing one of my transcripts. I am sooooo glad they e-mailed me, as I've heard other programs don't bother letting you know if your application is incomplete.
    Turns out, they did receive it, but I think it got overlooked. So relieved.
  14. by   Deyanna119
    Mid-October! That's just a couple weeks away! I can't wait either. TT is the only school I applied to so I'm REALLY hoping I get in!! Do you know when interviews will be? Oct, Nov? I've been looking at past year's posts and it seems like we should know if we get in late November. Good luck!