Texas Children's Residency Fall 2018

  1. I noticed there was no topic on the Texas Children's Residency application beginning this Fall/October 2018, and wanted to start one to keep each other updated. It closed June 25, so hopefully we hear about interviews this week.
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  3. by   Nurseforlyfe
    Thanks for posting! Has anyone heard anything from TCH yet? LG said they would contact people 1-2 weeks after the application closed. I'm hoping that they're hiring more due to the opening of the Legacy Tower this last May. Would like to hear what people are getting!
  4. by   RNBrandi
    Thanks for starting the post! I'm excited to hear back. I applied for the Woodlands campus.
  5. by   pedinurse0
    What units did y'all apply for or preference? I applied for PICU!
  6. by   hishandmaiden
    I applied for Women's Services or whatever is available!
  7. by   Nurseforlyfe
    I did PICU and CVICU!
  8. by   pedinurse0
    Awesome. Hopefully we hear something this week and maybe get to be co-workers!
  9. by   AHawkins
    Hi all! According to the recruiter, the leaders will be meeting tomorrow (the 9th), and we should be hearing back sometime this upcoming week! I applied to the PICU & CVICU well. Just to give a little insight on how many they may be looking for, I know someone who was hired through the GN program last application round, and she said 5 applicants were chosen for PICU, so it seems pretty competitive. Crossing my fingers for some good news here soon!
  10. by   pedinurse0
    Thank you so much for the insight. I was starting to get anxious.
  11. by   pedinurse0
    Anyone hear anything yet?
  12. by   SD13
    Not yet! A few of my friends from school havent heard either. The recruiter said this week though. Really hoping we hear soon, its quite distracting lol
  13. by   hishandmaiden
    I believe they're contacting people today. I just got my rejection email.
  14. by   Nurseforlyfe
    I received an email inviting me to their open house event! Their process of hire is really thorough. They ask you to shadow on the unit you want to interview before your actual interview. Has anyone heard of any typical/atypical interview questions TCH has asked?