Temple College ADN/LVN 2013 - page 3

Hi everyone. I have already applied to the LVN and will applying to the ADN very soon and I'm trying to find out exactly what it's like in the program. What time do classes start each day and on... Read More

  1. by   cocoacouture
    did you turn in your card? because i called and they told me to hold on to it?!
  2. by   momma78
    did u get it in b4 you went back up there? if so u were supposed to turn it in. I also applied to the RN program and waiting to hear from them. I really hope I made it in this one. God has plans forall of us whether it's waiting
  3. by   cocoacouture
    i recieved it in march, and called and she told me to hold on to it?! im going to call right now lol. im waiting to hear back from the RN program as well. Good luck!
  4. by   momma78
    good luck to you also!! Let me know what they told you.
  5. by   cocoacouture
    Does any body know whats the latest to hear from the lvn if you made the alternate list and get chosen
  6. by   momma78
    They told me it may b as late as within a week of starting classes, hope this helps
  7. by   cocoacouture
    Has any body gotten a letter from the Rn department yet? I.called last week and they said they didn't know when they were sending them out
  8. by   hamiam
    Last year I applied to the ADN program and my letter was dated may 23 so I'm really hoping we get them by this weekend!
  9. by   momma78
    I called today, I asked if end of semester grades had been sent I. yet, they said no. They will b pulling them individually. So, they should b mailing out this week if not early next week for acceptance! Good luck
  10. by   hamiam
    ****** just called me to ask which program I would prefer a position in since I was accepted to the LVN program. I'm really hoping this is a good sign!! However she ended the conversation by saying that the letters would be sent out sometime next week. I hope the anticipation doesn't kill me until then. I was hoping this week based on when I received my letter last year.
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  11. by   momma78
    I really hope so too! I can't wait..good luck to you'll !! My GPA came up substantially, I hope this holds up bc I live out of district !
  12. by   hamiam
    My GPA had a huge improvement as well and my HESI score increased slightly. All good things. Hope it's enough for both of us! Good luck to you too!
  13. by   cocoacouture
    Oh gosh I'm just ready to get it over with lol, i forgot she leaves at 12 today so i didn't get a to call sometimes they give you a Lil more info when they are in a good mood lol. I was just on my way to check the mail box but nvm :-(