St. Phillips LVN Program - San Antonio, Texas

  1. Has anyone taken or heard about anyone taking any nursing program at St. Phillips College (
    Alamo Community College) in San Antonio, Texas? How was it?
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  3. by   txhorseshowgirl
    Not to sure of the program there....but I did my science classes there... they have some really good teachers!

  4. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    I just saw this post, I don't know if you still need answers. I did all of my prerequisites at St. Philip's, and a lot of the people I was in class with were LVN graduates from St. Philips working towards their RN. I know that the deadline for applying is in July, and they will be in a nice new building, they moved last week. I have heard good and bad about the school, I think that you get what you put into it. I believe you need pre-requisites, A & P I and II for sure and then something else... Here's the link:

    Hope this helps! :wink2:
  5. by   Mr & Mrs VNS
    Yes answers are still helpful. I applied for this Fall.. this upcoming week I will find out if I get in or not! Wish me luck!
  6. by   JustMe0925

    Ok, I am 26, and I think I FINALLY know what I want to be when I grown up..A NURSE!! I was going to school to be an Elementary teacher a few years ago, but the job market for teachers is horrible. Anyhow, my husband, daughter and I will be moving to San Antonio soon and I am interested in the LVN program at St. Philip's College. Is there a waiting list to get in?? Any pre-reques? I only have a 2.5 GPA. What are the classes and teachers like? Thanks for any info!!
  7. by   Mz.Eboni
    Hello, I have may questions on the application process. Where do you get the application from and is having pre-reqs better? Do most of the qualified people that apply usually get in? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
  8. by   Mr & Mrs VNS
    I got into the program! I started this past August. You have to pick up an application at the school. I think that most qualified applicants get in. I like the program so far. I just finished my first semester with a 3.2 GPA. It's a little harder than expected, not necessarily because it was hard, but because you are taking 18 hours your first semester (if you haven't taken any courses like growth and development or anatomy) and it's a lot.
  9. by   JustMe0925
    Are the Growth and anatomy class required to take during the LVN program? If they are required, if I took them before I applied to the program, then would I get away with not having to do them during? How is the school, students, and teachers? I have heard some really really bad things about the school. Such as, super rude people, people getting beaten up for looking as if they had money, and the teachers hate each other, and that the teacher act as if they don't care. What is your experience so far? Sorry for so many questions, but you are the only person I have found that has or have went to that school. I am considering St. Philip's or Galen. Thanks!!
  10. by   Mr & Mrs VNS
    Yes they are in the program, but if you already took them you would not have to during the program. It would be easier and better for you if you took them before you entered the program, trust me! The school is very nice, they have a new building for it and a new lab. The students are all very nice, we all get along. After clinical we would sometimes go out for lunch. We are very close and depend on each other to get through the program, knowing people helps you a lot in studying. There are some good teachers and some I do not care for. Some teachers seem a little unorganized. But they completely re did the program and new building and new lab, takes some getting used to I guess. I've never had any problems with anyone or the school at all. I've never had anyone act negative or mean towards me. So far my experience has been good. I am the only person I knew to ever go to the school as well! haha. I live on the NW side of town so it's a bit of a drive for me and with traffic. I also went to Galen first, that school is very expensive, they quoted it would cost me $18,000 to go there. St. Phillips is a little under $6,000. I had my clinical this past semester at a hospital and there was Galen students there the last few weeks. They were okay, one of them was kind of rude towards everyone. They seemed to be doing the same sorts of things as us. I talked with one student from there who I asked about the cost of Galen. He said that yeah, they quoted him around that price too, but he got grants, scholarships, and loans to cover most of it. But said he still owed $8,000. Grants and scholarships cover all my tuition costs at St. Phillips. I took out some loans to live on while I do the program, because I have no time to have a job. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  11. by   Mr & Mrs VNS
    I was just thinking about what I wrote, and I want to point out that I don't think all Galen students are rude, just that one girl. Everyone else I talked to from there and there teachers seem really nice. I believe that it is a good school as well, my only issue with them right now is it costs $18,000 while St. Philips only costs $6,000. You get the same education, and you both take the same state exam.
  12. by   Mz.Eboni
    Thanks for all of your information it really helps! The website isn't as detailed as I wish it could be. But it sounds like you really enjoy the program which is good! And Congrats on that first semster gpa! ) So being that I'm not from San Antonio I have to drive down just to pick up and application? Would it be best just to have my transcripts sent to the school and fill the application out whle I'm there. Well I'm just a little nervous idk how qualified I am. I have all my hours toward a BSN program so??? And you did say if you took things such as life span and anatomy it makes it a little less workload. Thanks for ALL your information!
  13. by   JustMe0925
    What are some of the classes that I could go ahead and take now? Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, nutrition, medical terminology, and Psychology:developmental and lifespan?? Is that all? Thanks so much for all your info!!!!
  14. by   Mz.Eboni
    JustMe0925 When are you applying?? Do you have your application yet?? Are you already in the San Antonio area?