Spring 2013 El Centro College ADN - page 7

Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished... Read More

  1. by   Yankees77
    At Crys - don't stress. They let people in with as low as a 13 for the Fall Semester.
  2. by   MorganB
    So if you can't take the hesi at Prometric are there any locations still offering hesi in August ? If I can't take it at prey roc then 26 will have to do.
  3. by   MorganB
  4. by   Yankees77
    @Morgan, you can probably google it. I would think most schools are offering it. I know el centro's book fast. I scheduled my exam in March for July.
  5. by   MorganB
    I just took mine last week and it made my head hurt I really don't want to take it again. The closest place is tvcc Athens on tuesdaybut I'm not driving two hOurs to test.
  6. by   aj12
    I've been lurking this board for a while (I am looking to apply for Fall 2013) and I just wanted to say good luck to everyone! Your posts have been very helpful and I hope you'll continue to keep us updated in the future, too
  7. by   kellikelli
    Hey everyone! I wanted to join in with my stats and say hello!

    I'm applying to El Centro for Spring '13. I should be going in with 25 points - I hope that is enough!

    I applied last semester with 14 points and probably would have gotten in but my doctor signed off on the varicella vaccine by statement of diagnosis and they didn't accept that. So I have a positive titer now and should be all clear.

    I'm also applying to TWU - keeping my fingers crossed for either program!

    Good luck to everyone!!
  8. by   Yankees77
    Welcome Kelli !! . Which campus is your first choice? I'm going for Northlake, but most important is getting in.
  9. by   kellikelli
    I primarily want El Centro, but will take Northlake.
  10. by   MorganB
    Hi Kelli :-). I am on the titer bandwagon as well. I asked about Prometric and was told it was fine so I will do one more round of hesi and prayerfully get 2 more points.
  11. by   MorganB
    Question how long did everyone's educational plan take to finish?
  12. by   Yankees77
    @Morgan, I submitted mine July 2 and still haven't received it.
  13. by   Maunakea
    Hi everyone,
    I submitted my application packet yesterday with 25 points. I hope it will be enough points. So hopefully by hearing from others we can all get a sense of the point range(s). I wish everyone the best of luck in applying for this program. I was a little bummed that they changed the point system because I would have had 17 on the old system and felt confident with that number.