Should I work as a PCT/CNA

  1. Do you think it is beneficial to work as a PCT while in nursing school? What hospitals in Dallas would you recommend? I know that some of the hospitals will let you work as a tech after completing the first semester of core nursing classes.

    I'm 32 yo so I don't want to wear myself out before I even become a nurse.

    I currently work full-time while in school (TAMU-CC eline) and it is killing me. Ideally I would like to not have to work, but that is not an option right now so need a job with a flexible schedule.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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  3. by   KatieBell
    I'm not a texan (your post came up under last 24 hrs). But I can highly recommend working as a PCT/CNA. I worked full time as one in school. It really helped me to understand the disease processes as they were taught in class (as I had often seen these diseases in the job). It made my clinicals less nervewracking- as I was used to being in the hospital setting, and comfortable with patients.

    I floated a lot at the hosptial I worked at, and it gave me some good exposure to several units, so I had a good idea of where I wanted to work after graduation.

    I don't think it will burn you out, or conversely- if it burns you out, possibly you don't want to do nursing full time.
  4. by   ncbeachgrl
    Working as a PCT/CNA is a wonderful and beneficial idea. I was a CNA in the NICU and it was great. I have friends who floated all over as a CNA and thought it was good because of the exposure and how it helped them to decide where they wanted to work. I am new to Texas so I'm not sure what the Dallas area hospitals are looking for in a PCT/CNA, but from an overall nursing standpoint, Harris Methodist in Fort Worth and Dallas Presbyterian are good. Hope this helps!
  5. by   SarasotaRN2b
    I think that you may be more apt to burn out if you don't have some patient care experience before. I also think that it will help you immensely in school because you will see the disease process in action, you'll get to work closely with the nurses and see what you will be doing as an RN, and make connections so that when it comes to graduation, you may already have a job lined up.
  6. by   tawillia
    Thanks for the replys. I really appreciate the advice.