Should I mention this on my resume?

  1. I am so stressed out right now that I do not even know what to do? I graduated in May 2007 and was lucky enough to be employed as a graduate nurse at a hospital. I only worked for a month when I took my boards exam but was unsuccessful. They offered me a tech position which I declined b/cos I felt like I needed to focus to pass my board exams; and worst of all I was going through a divorce so I felt like I needed a break. Ofcourse I informed my director about my willingness to return to work as soon as I pass my boards but she said the only options I had was to work as a tech or be terminated. Anyways she went ahead and terminated me b/cos according to her I am not illegible yet to be placed on a leave since I had only worked for 1 month. After taking my boards in sept. AND PASSED, I applied at a mental hospital that was so unsafe to practice as a new grad RN. I had 5 days orientation, supposed to be the only RN on the unit with only 1 lvn. I was supposed to do all admissions, discharges, charting on 23-29 pts I sometimes did not have the opportunity of interacting with. This hospital was very unsafe for a new nurse like me and I did not want to put my career in jeopardy so I did not have another choice than to inform my supervisor that I was leaving after only 2 weeks, so I left that job. Now my question is do I put these on my resume or just keep myself as a new grad? I seriously need your advice. THANKS.
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  3. by   RN1989
    The general rule is that you only put a job on your resume if you were there for at least 3 months. 3 months is the usual "get acquainted" period in which time both employer and employee decide if they like each other enough to continue the relationship.

    Act like you haven't worked as a nurse anywhere and don't refer to these other experiences. When they asked why you haven't been working, explain that you took time off for personal reasons. Don't give out more info than you need to.
  4. by   Conqueror+
    In a word NO. There is no need to raise uneccesary questions and drama. Let them assume you were destressing after school and boards. I won't encourage anyone to lie but they may not even ask.