Seton Healthcare Residency Austin 2013 - page 2

I feel some surprise that no one has started a thread about this. The application process opened in January for a June start date. Has anyone else applied to this? Does anyone else know any more... Read More

  1. by   shototsu
    I went to the open house, talked with managers, and applied to the floors I was interested in (all acute care.) I followed up with cover-letter style emails a week or two after the open house. I've had 5 interviews, some multi-step. I don't have an offer, yet, but I have been in contact with the nurse managers and understand that the the Versant positions are all supposed to be offered at the same time. I'm hoping to have a job by the end of April. I hope this helps.
  2. by   patientcenteredcare
    I've had two interviews. One @ Seton Medical Center Austin L&D said they were no longer hiring for June.
    Still waiting on the other interview. I sent a follow up email a week ago with no word.
  3. by   Valnoslo
    I had an interview last week with SMCA and the hiring manager told me that they had to wait for official approval for the actual positions on the unit- she anticipated that this would happen by 4/22 and told me she planned on letting all the applicants she interviewed know by 4/23. Another position I interviewed for told me I'd be notified by the first week in May.
  4. by   eak1028
    has anyone heard anything about when job offers will be made?
  5. by   patientcenteredcare
    Nope. I still haven't heard back.. It's been almost three weeks. I've called and emailed.
  6. by   jethan
    Waiting has been brutal, still nothing.
  7. by   shototsu
    It seems that many floors are making verbal offers over the phone, but waiting on HR to follow up with paperwork. Some floors play it more "by the book" and wait to make offers until HR gives them the go-ahead. Hang in there!
  8. by   patientcenteredcare
    Ahh. I know!! It's hard waiting. Crossing my fingers that HR is holding them up!
  9. by   shototsu
    As of today I've heard back from every position I interviewed for. Yesterday I received paperwork for the position I accepted. I hope you guys have heard back, too!