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  1. Could someone PLEASE feel me in on which are considered the best RN programs in Texas. I'm just asking for opinions.Thanks
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  3. by   curlysue82
    Does anyone ever get answered around here.
  4. by   momto2beauties
    First of all, it occasionally takes more than 2 hours to get a response so just hang in there and cut us some slack okay??

    Secondly, I think that all of us who are involved in an RN program would probably consider their own respective program to be among the best. It really depends on what criteria you are using to determine the "successfulness" of the school. Are you looking for something in a particular area? Texas is a big place! I'm a student at UT-Arlington. I think it's an excellent program, it's well respected in the community, we have great facilty, an almost near perfect pass rate on the NCLEX. However, I'm not about to say that it's "The Best" in the state. I honestly don't know enough about each program in Texas to evaluate that.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   EricJRN
    We're sometimes a little limited in our perspectives, since most of us only went to one school and some of us attended out-of-state schools at that. One of the realities is that there are far more qualified applicants than available seats in most nursing programs. The best school, in my view, is the one that will let you in.
  6. by   curlysue82
    Thank you guys for your input. I am willing to go anywhere that I can get in but of course I would prefer a school with a great pass rate. I would love Austin's ACC Program but I hear it has a pretty long waiting list. As for what criteria I'm using - mainly just the pass rates on NCLEX. Are there other things I should consider?Thanks
  7. by   CSLee3
    Pass rate for the last 10 years is important. Location, Location, Location....cost of tuition and as Eric said...the one you can get accepted at! Try the suburbs, Like North of Austin, Greater DFW, Houston, etc. Cosider moving to small town with no wait list. Ask for stats and facts. Most schools don't mind. The Tx Board of Nurse Examiner has NCLEX pass rates for LVN, ADN, BSN programs available on their website. ALSO look at the clinical sites (which hospitals will you train at) and the SIMULATION and/or LAB/CLassroom facilities. For Instance Temple College, Central Texas College, Austin Community College, McClennan Community College all have about the same cost, facilities and access to large training hospitals. It boils down to matter of opinion, traffic, where you live, how far are you willing to commute and "when" you can get your foot in the door. Some schools are rated Accetable or Exemplary by the board and NLNAC. Check on that too. Most employers don't care where you went to school, but rather when can you start to work! At least in Central Texas.
    Excelsior College's slogan is so true......"what you know is more important than where you learned it"
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    Thanks You All Have Been Real Helpful!!