RN moving to TX from CA - page 3

I am a new grad living in SF, CA and am thinking of moving to SA, TX. I spoke to a traveler nurse from SA and he said it was difficult to work as an RN with an associates and that they are paid... Read More

  1. by   amarillo nikki
    As a Texas girl I would recommend DFW over Houston, Austin and SA solely based on traffic. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE ATX but the traffic there is just this side of horrific. The town has grown and the city hasn't really done anything to accomodate it and now I think it would be way too late to make the changes they'd need. Houston, besides the hair-frizzing humidity, doesn't have the best traffic, nor as I recall does SA. That said, there is plenty to do in all of the cities and from what I understand, plenty of work to be had.
  2. by   soso
    Anyone moving from California to Texas will not have a problem with traffic!! I've been commuting over an hour to school/work every since I graduated from high school 16 years ago. Unfortunately, you get use to it. For me, Houston traffic isn't that bad...I've learned some shortcuts and I usually take the new Westpark Tollway and it leads directly to my house.