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I'm a 24 year old new nursing student living in Amarillo, TX. I'm from Fort Worth originally and I LOVE live music!

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    Saginaw, TX info, please!

    I just moved to Amarillo FROM the Saginaw area (FW technically) and I think it's a good area, particularly the newer parts, to live. HOWEVER...while the school district thereIS better than the FW ISD...that ain't sayin' much. If you have young kids and can swing it- look into Lake Country Christian School or another private school in the area. Better yet...ESPECIALLY if you've got kiddos in school - look into the Southlake/Keller area. The newer parts of town, especially Southlake are definitly pricey, like 500k pricey, but the older parts of Southlake and probably Keller for sure should have in a less stratospheric price range and with a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better public school system. Their ISD is one of the best in the metroplex.