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  1. Ok so I've been a long-time lurker here as I can normally just browse around and find answers to my questions. However, since this is a unique situation, I decided to finally step out on a limb and make a post. A little background info, I'm 25 years old and so is my fiance. He will be finishing law school this May, we are getting married next August and are planning on moving to the Dallas area. Right now, I'm very clueless as to were to start, I've already gotten blown off by the Texas BON, so no luck there. Here are my questions, how do I go about endorsing my license ( I do have a compact license), would it be best for one of us to secure a job before we buy a home, what are some good areas to live in? I was born and partly raised in Irving, and it is not what it used to be years ago so I have no desire to move back there. Neither of us have any kids but would like to move to an area that has good schools just in case the unthinkable happens And we are a young, fun couple so we don't want to be in a retirement area either!! Also how is the job market currently? I have just recently finished my MSN (this past weekend LOL) if that helps, but don't necessarily have a desire to teach or go into management. Thanks in advance for any input and advice!!
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    Although you've earned a MSN degree, do you have any bedside experience? The D/FW area's nursing job market is okay if you have at least one year of acute care hospital experience, but things are horrible for inexperienced new grads right now.

    I would definitely secure employment and try to rent for at least six months or more prior to buying a house so you and your fiance can get a feel for all of the different areas.

    In addition, the property tax rates here in Texas are very high when compared to other states, which will affect your monthly cash outlays. For example, I was paying less than $2,000 yearly on a house in California that was valued at $150,000. However, I pay nearly $3,000 in yearly property taxes for a house here in Texas that is valued at less that $100,000. People from low tax states tend to be shocked at how much property taxes they must pay in Texas.

    The process of obtaining a Texas license by endorsement is explained in detail on the Texas Board of Nursing's website. In addition, you can download the application from the website. Click on the link below to get there.

    Endorsement Applications
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    Thanks TheCommuter!! And yes I've been an RN for 3 years, and have done mostly med surg, but have also worked in neuro ICU and done some home health. Thank you so much for your reply.
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    As far as your license I did the compact thing from AZ. If you are going to have a permanent address here then you have to apply for a TX license. Send in your paperwork to the BON as soon as you get here. They give you a temp license for 30 days and you have to get your new one or you cannot continue working longer on the temp after the 30 days. That was how it worked 8 years ago. I had to call and harass the BON repeatedly yo get my license in time.

    As far as Dallas, I avoid it like the plague. Fort Worth rocks!

    Have your husband get a job first. It will be easier for you to find work than him. Rent for at least 6 months while you see if you last at your new jobs and make sure you have time to really figure out where you want to buy.