1. I live in Washington state......HATE IT!!!! Going to move somewhere sunny. We are a family of (mom's) the nurse, a NICU nurse. We're thinking Chorpus Christi....Arizona somewhere or California (Escondido area). Does anyone have salary info for any of these places? Or any info to offer. I'm really curious about Chorpus Christi cause it seems there are some really nice houses there in the $300K range. Does the salary support that? What about hurricane's?

    Thanks for any info you have....

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  3. by   RN1989
    From what I have heard from other posters, AZ has better employers and better money for the responsibility.

    Haven't been to Corpus in years so not sure how their economy is but I can tell you that the DFW area's salaries ARE NOT commensurate with the cost of living in the area.

    TX is not ready for hurricanes as evidenced by the cluster that occurred with Hurricane Rita. I was down south about 2 hrs from the coast and the hurricane impacted things pretty badly.

    You mention houses in the $300K range - those are expensive houses here in TX. I don't know any of my nursing associates that live in houses that cost that much unless both they and their husbands are bringing in a wad. There is a BIG difference between us and you guys in WA. I have a friend near Seattle and her house is worth $400K but it is not even as big as mine nor does it have the acreage that I have with mine. But I could not afford to live in a house that expensive with the acreage I have - for my price range - that would be a mansion.
  4. by   angiemc
    Here that's an average house, I live south of Seattle. I make $24.60 plus a $4hr. shift differential here so that's why I'm wondering what the pay is around Corpus Christie.

    Thanks for your info...

  5. by   calliesue
    Escondido is beautiful. I mean amazing. But the cost of housing is through the roof. Not to far from Mexico and a naval base and Camp Pendleton home of Americas finest. hoorah!
    We go out there camping every year to San Elijho State Park.
    It is amazingly beautiful.:spin:
  6. by   anticoagulationurse
    ME toooooooO! My husband and I have been debating his since May of last year. We've decioded to go for it. Neither of us has been to TX, have you? Our first area of interest was Corpus Christi as well, wanting to be n the water, big city, lots of opporunity, dirt cheap houses, etc. But the more research we've done over time the less it seem slike a good place to go. We are set on Austin now, at least for the first few months where I plan to get a travel position. The Austin COL is much higher than other places in TX but still a steal compared to here. We were also quite interested in the greater Houston area as it seems extremely inexpensivee, but that is just too big of an area for me. So Austin is our #1, San Antonio #2 and we plan to venture around before we settle in.

    We should keep in touch if you want! If you PM me, I'll give you my email address (not s'posed to post it here). We're not in a huge hurry but are thinking May or June to move.