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  1. I'm an RN and was registered here in TX about 35 years ago when DH was stationed here in the Air Force. Do you think that will give me any + help when transferring my registration back here? (I wasn't originally registered here but OH...transferred my registration here from OH as a new graduate then). I can send then photocopies of my registrations from each of the states uncluding the TX one 35 years ago.

    I just think it's SOOO STUPID that after 35+ years of nursing I still have to supply school grades, etc. If I was good enough to be registered in OH, NC and CA, why the HUGE scrutiny? I could see it if I were just a new graduate but I think this "every state for itself" registration is SOOO stupid. This is the UNITED states of america, not France or Germany, etc.

    THANKS, I feel better now and I'll get off my soapbox
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I graduated many years ago and still have to submit by transcripts to any new state. Not really an issue for me.

    All you need to do is submit an application for License by Endorsement and give them what they need.