Realistic Job Opportunities?

  1. I start a VN program on the 10th here in TX. I'm wondering what my realistic job options will be outside of LTC? I have zero interest in working in an LTC facility simply b/c of the memories I have built up from when my Dad was dying in one. Where I truly want to be is NICU. Or Pedi in any form to get experience.

    Anyone have input?

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  3. by   bioniclewoman
    I don't really know much about this but thought I would try to help.

    My friend is an LVN and has never had any luck finding a non-LTC job in the Fort Worth City area. She however has always been able to find a job in hospitals in rural communties around the area. She is fine with this as she prefers living in small towns anyway. She did once have a job in a doctors office in Fort Worth. This doctor ended up moving to anther city to join a different practice, so that job didn't last.
  4. by   foxyhill21
    my friend who is a LVN has only found jobs at LTC and home health care. She is having a hard time founding a job at the hospital because most hospital have PCA (patient care assistant) and they pay them like 8-11 bucks, and it is on the job training. Since my friend has found that out she is working on her ADN, b/e she thinks that LVN training was a waste of time. She wishes that she went to ADN b/e it is a 2yr program and her LVN schooling was a 1yr program.
  5. by   RedHeadNurse2B
    When I look for jobs I usually see a few LVN jobs posted at hospitals, but it seems they are mostly just for med/surg. During my hospital clinical rotation in school the only LVN's I saw were on med/surg floors with the occasional older LVN in postpartum or OR. My mom is an NICU RN and where she works they do not hire LVN's for more acute care areas like the ICU. I would just keep looking if you are set on a hospital job. Or you could also work for a doctor's office.