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Hey Everyone!!:wavey: Haven't seen any posts about students trying to get in the program in the Summer/Fall of 2013 so I thought I should start one! Let's get to know one another!! Introduce... Read More

  1. by   jshanice11
    hi guys. do you guys know if we have to get health insurance?
  2. by   lalacb123
    Quote from jshanice11
    hi guys. do you guys know if we have to get health insurance?
    According to their website, one of the requirements for acceptance to clinical studies upper division is: "Acquisition of the student professional liability insurance coverage by a designated approved agency of the College of Nursing"
  3. by   Moneca
    I called Ms. Anderson last week and she told me that the letters will be out to the end of this month.
  4. by   lalacb123
    *sigh* I still haven't heard anything yet, but the good news is that we should definitely find out something by the end of next week! I'm so nervous! Our wait is finally almost over!
  5. by   kkai
    Hi all,

    I just received the acceptance letter from school in mail. Yours may be in the mail box! But, I'm withdrawing my spot to PVAMU, so there is a spot for someone! Best of luck to you guys
  6. by   lalacb123
    Congratulations! Thank you for the update!
  7. by   lalacb123
    Anyone heard anything??
  8. by   MoonD
    I got my acceptance packet in the mail too on Saturday. Anyone else heard back?
  9. by   lalacb123
    Nope, at this point I was probably waitlisted, I'm definitely going to reapply next semester! Best of luck to you MoonD!
  10. by   MoonD
    Thanks lalacb123. I won't be going to pvamu so hopefully they give my spot to someone on the waitlist and I hope it's you!! Good luck and don't give up hope!
  11. by   lalacb123
    Thank you for your kind words!
  12. by   flower23
    If you are core complete meaning you got a associate degree in Texas, do you still have to finish up the pre-req required by pvamu con? My school didn't require a computer class, but pvamu con does. Does that mean I have to take a computer class despite being core complete?
  13. by   Sugarstorm05
    yeah you still have to - a lot of people I know in the program now even have a degree but they still had to go back and take extra classes to finish all the ones that the school required