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Hi all, Is there anyone here starting at Prairie View this Spring or currently attending? I got my acceptance letter about 2 weeks ago....I am so excited...and nervous! Can any PV students give... Read More

  1. by   maxpuppy
    Hey you guys,

    How do you know if the Nursing department received your HESI scores? I just took my Hesi today and already received the Scores online which usually takes about 24-48hrs. Anyways, now i'm just wondering.. since I've received my scores, does that mean the Nursing department from A&M Prairie has also received it??... am i suppose to call elvolve and request the scores to be sent over? but i feel like that doesn't make any sense since i took the HESI test specifially for A&M prairie view .. when i went there to turn in my final app, the lady in the front said i need to request the scores to be send to mrs.anderson.. im soo confused yalll... PLEASE HELP... and what are their office hours for admission?? i cant find it anywhere online... i know this is my fault because im doing this last minute, but yeah.. i would greatly appreciate if you guys can help me out. thanks yall
  2. by   maxpuppy
    and another question... the website doesnt specify what time the app is due.. it says OCT 1st... like does it mean like oct 1st.. like MIDNIGHT TODAY.. or all day tomorrow.. OCT 1st? yeah.. im new at applying anywhere so im confused about this time line.
  3. by   MM89
    @maxpuppy, i took it on the 30th as well n called after 4-5 hrs to ask if they received it or not, n they said they did received it. So i'm pretty sure they got urs as well... so no need to worry. =D
  4. by   maxpuppy
    @mm89 =) thank you so much.. hahahah i'm so relieved. just got an email from Mrs.Anderson.. she said we'll know our status 2-3wks from now.. =)
  5. by   cowgirl_RN
    Does anyone know how many applicants PVAMU had for Spring 2012??
    Just curious?? and very nervous .... these are the longest 2-3 weeks of my life!! lol
  6. by   NavyVet28
    Out of 400 applicants only 60 to 80 get in.
  7. by   maxpuppy
    Navyvet. So everyone who aaplies get the purple letter right??? so I shouldn't be excited if I got one.. its part of the application... ?? How's nursing program there?? Is it realllly disorganized like everyone says on this site?
  8. by   NavyVet28
    I think everyone does. What does it say? So far it seems organized. I love it there.
  9. by   maxpuppy
    Its just purple letter for clinical. They wan to fill oout the info and turn it in.
  10. by   NavyVet28
    Oh okay, you should be getting an official letter in a couple days of your acceptance. i think everyone gets provisional acceptance and that means you are in pending if your still taking classes or fail the drug test.
  11. by   maxpuppy
    Oh... Icic thank you so much! =)=)
  12. by   NavyVet28
    If ya'll get accepted, check our group out that was started by me on FB at PVAMU nursing students. Any help you need just post. Good Luck can't wait to meet our new semester 1's in the sp.
  13. by   Divanurse to be
    Depending on the teachers, yes they can be disorganized all I can say is be prepared! And get a head start on your drug cal! Have your finances in order and if you got the pujrple letter apply to the good samiritan scholorship in texas look it up and also go to the worksource so you can get a book voucher, trust me its close to impossible to wor and go to school at the same time and yes the first semester is thw weeding out semester. If you go in thinking its a breeze you are in for w rude awakening not easy at all! Sometimes you will be praying for a 74.5 lol not funny but once you exprience that, you will understand! Not trying to scare you but PV nurses aren't called the best for nothing! You gone work but best believe when you are in clinicals with other schools you are going to realize how much more info you know more than them!