Paying for LVN school Baptist Health San Antonio

  1. I was wondering if there is anyone out ther that has had problems getting financial aid for the LVN program at Baptist Health San Antonio. I am really freaking out a bit ( i know i should not) any info on this would be much appreciated. I am having my orentation this next week and i will keep this thread updated with more info. I am just scared that i willnot get enought financial aid to pay for school.
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  3. by   sm2323
    i am freaking out too! I feel like I am in the dark a/b the whole admissions process. Almost all communication I have had with the school has been through e-mail! It is nearly impossibe to get ahold of anyone at the admissions office. I had to call for two weeks to finally get ahold of the admissions advisor, and she finally e-mailed me. I have also spoken to the financial aid specialist, but she really did not have any answers for me at this point, b/c she said that the director of financial aid does all the processing.... So, I am waiting for the processing day on July 2nd and hopefully we can get some answers then...
  4. by   zzrxoc
    Yea i guess we will find out in JUly!
  5. by   sm2323
    So July 2nd hass come and gone and I am still stressed about financial aid. Since BHSSHP is a school and not an accredited college I am having a really hard time finding a lender for a private loan because of its accreditation status. I have applied for some scholarships but I still need more to cover living expences. If you know about any other loans available other than federal subsidized/insubsidized loans (which I already have) please let me know. Thanks
  6. by   myrose
    Baptist offers scholorships too. Have you checked into applying for those. I used FAFSA and recieved grants and was also able to get a loan through Sallie Mae for living expenses. Baptist has a college code # to use when applying for loans.
  7. by   sm2323
    I have applied for Baptist Foundations Scholarship, hopefully I will get it. I tried Sallie Mae, but it no longer funds students from Baptist health Systems, b/c it is not a "Sallie Mae approved school." Thanks for your suggestions. If you have any others, please don't hesitate...
  8. by   zzrxoc
    well, just to give you an update, i barely made my fin aid this semester after holding my breather till the last minute!
    i was able to get subsidized and un subsidized loans and still was stuck with paying almost 900 out of pocket ( because they say my efc is 5000) , now i checked my e-mail and i was given a scholarship for 900 dollars! yes just made it getting a whole 16 bucks back!