Pathophysiology at TWU

  1. Hi, i'm applying for TWU nursing school in Spring 2010;however, other nursing schools other than TWU require pathphysiology as a prerequisite.I want to take patho at TWU early just in case i got in to TWU's school of nursing and to avoid the chance of pathophysiology not being transferable; but as i tried to register for the Houston campus it says i cannot take patho because it is a graduate course you can only take when ur accepted to the college of nursing. But,the denton and dallas campus lets me register for pathophysiology just fine. The class number for the class is even the consistent with the course number "4344",but the class number for houston campus patho is different.I don't get why only the houston campus isn't allowing me to take patho early, because i have a friend who didn't get into the school of nursing but got into TWU itself and took patho at the houston campus just fine. Is anybody else having this problem???
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  3. by   NurseKitten
    Define TWU. Texas Wesleyan?
  4. by   RNJD77
    Texas Woman's University
  5. by   goopsy
    Quote from mau00
    Texas Woman's University
    hhhmmmm, have no idea. but im taking it in dallas in the fall. Good luck. Did you try calling the advisors?
  6. by   RNJD77
    I called the college of nursing and the lady told me you can't take it until your accepted, but i know that's not true because i know ppl who were still in the application process and took t before getting accepted to the college of nursing. Does the denton or dallas campus have patho online in the fall?
  7. by   goopsy
    ooo, i think i understand why. Since the main campus is in Denton, there might be students at the Denton campus who are not necessarily nursing students who need to take it. and they offer it at Dallas prob just for convenience, as in an alternate location a student can take the class. It's probably not allowed at the Houston campus, unless you are accepted, because that course is reserved for nursing students only, and not other majors. Did you ask her specifically about the houston campus? maybe the ppl you knew were at the dallas campus? or do u know for sure they were at the houston campus?
    The dallas location does have patho online for the fall, but it is only open to nursing student already accepted. I think I read on the fall 09 thread that some students were taking patho this summer at houston though so I don't understand. I would call back and ask why or talk to another person.
  8. by   RNJD77
    Yeah me neither.I live in houston so i usually call the TWU campus here because that's the one I'm applying too. Yeah i saw that patho was offered online in the summer at dallas ,but I only saw the in person one open for fall? Yeah I really don't think the specific woman i was talking too knew the information, because it just doesn't make sense and she says it's always been like that from the beginning, and that's definetly not true.
  9. by   NeoNurseTX
    Undergrad patho IS offered at TWU-Houston in person, not online. I don't see why you'd have to be accepted into the nursing program to do it since it's a BIOL course AND once you're accepted, you usually start the next semester so unless you're accepted for a fall semester before the summer semester starts, you don't really have time to do it.
  10. by   RNJD77
    I know I was telling her that same thing,but i just don't get why online it's saying i need permission, that's odd.I'm going to call the Denton office and see if i can get some more valid information about this.
  11. by   goopsy
    the online is for the nursing students already accepted into the program. let me know what they say