Parkland Hospital vs. Baylor

  1. Hello All,

    I am new to this website and wanted to ask some questions as it relates to Parkland and Baylor Hospital in Texas. I am a emergency room nurse interested in relocation to Texas. I have looked at both of these hospitals extensively trying to determine which hospital would be a good fit for me. I know both are Level I trauma and one is a county hospital but I really want to know the culture at these facilities. I work at a Level II hospital now, where I work nights and the team I work with is great! there is a level of respect among the nurses and physicians in which they trust us to put in basic orders for a patient when its really busy instead of waiting for them. There is a laid back environment even though its very chaotic (in a good way) the nurses are welcoming, we hang out we each other outside of work, its just an extended family. My hope is to have that same environment in which the nurses are welcoming and inviting. I do know there are always "clicks" within any department or company and not everyone gets along. I worked at a previous hospital in which this was not the case and I did not like it at all and left.

    Please if anyone is able to give me any insight to either of these hospitals good or bad I would really appreciate it. Also, I would be interested in what the starting pay is for a nurse with 5 + years of experience (ACLS, PALS and TNCC).

    Thanks again
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  3. by   3peas
    I can only speak for Baylor. I worked in the ICU and not ED, but you will hear it's the "Baylor way or no way." I do not work there anymore, it was no way for me. I think you will do well at either hospital with your years of experience. If you go to Parkland you can write your ticket anywhere. You will see things you won't see anywhere else. If I had to choose between the two I would choose Parkland. I can't speak to the culture of Parkland, but I have a friend who works in the ED and loves it.
  4. by   Londyn
    Thank you very much for the reply and the feedback. I will take that into consideration. I want to be at a facility in which I will continue to grow, learn new things and enjoy where I work at.
  5. by   NurseLatteDNP
    I think it's not even a comparison. Baylor's culture is nurse friendly and they center themselves around the employees. The only other hospital with a similar nurse friendly culture I have experienced was MD Anderson.
  6. by   cmcervantes
    I worked in one of those two EDs. PM me if you'd like to chat!
  7. by   Londyn
    I am unable to PM you because I recently became a member. I am really interested in your feedback as it relates to either hospital.