Parkland Hospital Residency Fall 2017

  1. Hey all, I accepted an offer into the Nurse Residency program at Parkland Hospital and just wanted to reach out and get to know future coworkers!

    I'll be working in the MICU and new to the Dallas area! Extremely excited to be done with school and starting my nursing career!
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  3. by   EJ9405
    Congratulations! I recently accepted a position in the Neuro ICU/PCU. This is definitely going to be quite the journey but I am super excited to finally get started!
  4. by   zq22
    Congrats! I'm wondering if everyone has the same start date. I was told October 9th. You?
  5. by   EJ9405
    That's what I was told too
  6. by   temiRN
    I've also accepted a position to the MICU at Parkland!
  7. by   HollyDee
    Hello my friends, I am wondering if anyone has heard anything or accepted spots for the Trauma Residency positions?
    So excited for you all in MICU!!
  8. by   snn413
    A little late here, but I've also accepted a position for the Parkland MICU! Excited to meet everyone!
  9. by   temiRN
    Did any of you receive information about our contracts? I was told that they would email us the draft either Thursday or Friday but I didn't get an email today.
  10. by   snn413
    I have not received any info about my contract either
  11. by   EJ9405
    Still waiting too...
  12. by   ccraftADN
    Would you guys mind sharing the name and email of the MICU recruiter, I would like to follow up on my application status.
  13. by   temiRN
    It'll probably be best to call HR to check your application status