Offered a job! Please i have a few Questions!

  1. I have been el paso area for a month and was offered a job at a rehab hospital. Starting pay is 21.77 with sign on bonus. My questions are what is the average hourly rate for a nurse ADN with 1 yr experience? I am from nj so i am not familiar. I have heard many nurses talk about why tx is a great place for nurses...what or why are some reasons? I was planning to go back to my job back in nj in november but this job offer popped up with a 2 yr contract. Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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  3. by   RNin
    I have no insight on nursing in Texas as I'm a new grad starting work next week. Just glad to see a fellow New Jerseyan in Texas. I don't know about el paso but I love it here in Lubbock. No traffic, great people and a city with a small town feel.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    Pay in El Paso is lower than the more major metro areas and yours sounds on the low side of average.Texas continued to have a somewhat robust economy for a short while after the recession hit and thus gained a reputation for being the Mecca for nursing jobs. All of that is no longer true and markets are tight for nurses with less than two years experience. Sadly people continue the rumor without checking the facts.
  5. by   HouTx
    Texas is just too big and diverse to make any sort of generalities - especially about El Paso, which is much closer to New Mexico & Arizona than it is to Tx metro areas (DFW, Houston, etc.). The only statewide commonalities are: lack of state income tax, very progressive nurse practice act . . and . . um - nope, can't think of anything else. I wouldn't even attempt to make any 'best of' list for El Paso. If you want to know about Houston, let me know - LOL.

    I disagree with the PP - TX economy remains very strong - despite our astonishingly inept state politicians. Houston has consistently been in the top 10 'economically healthy' cities in the US for the last 10 years... and recently selected as the "coolest" city in the US by Forbes magazine. But healthcare is more strongly affected by Federal legislation, so we are not immune to dwindling reimbursement, but it's offset a bit by the fact that we're still in growth mode -- population growth continues to drive increases in healthcare jobs.
  6. by   carolk0912
    Congrats RNin and good luck with your new job i like el paso i was supposed to be here until November with my husband before he deploys... Decided to check it out. And got the job!

    Thank you for your responses! I did see online that the average entry level wage is around 23/hr so my offer does seem a little low. A big difference from nj salary lol
  7. by   nursetaminator
    About $25/hr average in central Texas, give or take a buck.
  8. by   SpecialK2012
    Hello! I'm from Odessa, Texas which is about 4 hours from El Paso. New grads salary is usually from 21-23 at the hospitals. This is full time with benefits.
  9. by   Idealscholar
    Are there hospitals in texas which sponsors foreign nurses who passed the ielts and has 3 years exp? Thx..