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  1. by   Kiya
    With all due respect, the BNE reserves the right to protect the patients not the nurses that serve it. The laws in Texas serve the employers of the patients that the BNE protects, not the nurses that serve under it. Our industry is well regulated but it also has flaws just as any other. With nurses individually being held more and more liable for their actions (aka medical malpractice lawsuits) which is also reflected with the cost of personal malpractice insurance rates increasing rapidly.

    Bottom line is as our industry continues to grow and expand nurses will need to have more protection for themselves and their profession.

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    Texas has nurse/patient ratios, but unlike CA, they are not restricted to a certain number. The caveat is "safe practice". That could be one or 5 patients. Texas is a right to work state because voters, not all of whom are employers, feel they should have the right to decline participating in a union if they so desire. There are a few unions, but Texans prefer independence rather than dependence. Anyway, there is nothing a union can do that I can't do for myself so why pay dues? I vote with my feet. Texas law protects whistle-blowers. Also, nurses can claim "safe harbor" if they feel their assignment is unsafe. The form is online at if you want to review it. The Board of nurses, called Board of Nurse Examiners, is a combo for LVN/RN's. So is the Nurse Practice Act, although there are items that pertain to each type of nursing. That also is online. Texas requires continuing education of all nurses. The CE committee is very strict about compliance with ANCC standards in order to assure the learner is really getting quality information, not just paying tuition for a piece of worthless paper. I like Texas. I am a transplant. My bumpersticker says "I was not born in Texas but I got here as quick as I could".
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    Quote from classicdame
    Texas has nurse/patient ratios, but unlike CA, they are not restricted to a certain number. The caveat is "safe practice". That could be one or 5 patients.
    That could be 7 or 8 patients. I've done it so I know.
    It is never, ever "safe practice" when a hospital administration is given full control over deciding what a safe nurse/patient ratio is and Texas is the best example of how their freedom to make such decisions gets severely abused.

    It is a conflict of interest for someone who's job is to monitor the hospital's budget to give them the authority to set nurse/patient ratios. Obviously the more patients you can give one nurse, the more money you save. Conflict of interest.

    In addition, Safe Harbor is a joke because it only protects you from BNE disciplinary action, it does not protect a nurse from getting sued by a patient or family when they took a big unsafe assignment and an incident occurred as a result of spreading the nurse so thin.
  3. by   classicdame
    I take exception to the Hurricane Rita reference. Texas spent millions of dollars placing and caring for thousands of people. Thanks to TNA and Ready Texas Nurses, more than 3000 Texas nurses were mobilized to go where needed to serve - as volunteers.

    And one of the reasons I do not support the patient:ratio bill is because the assumption is that a specific number is always right. I know that one patient can be too many sometimes. Forcing hospitals to pay fines results in the mess CA is in now - hospitals going out of business and agency RN's filling in. Puts LVN's out of work.

    As for Safe Harbor - what state or facility can guarantee that the nurse will not be sued by anyone? Ridiculous to expect that. Safe Harbor in Texas means the hospital will be visited by a govt. agency. Believe me, they don't want that. I have seen it employed and know it is not what anyone wants.
  4. by   Larabelle
    I love nursing in Texas. We have a union AFGE at my place of employment. The union is VERY STRONG!!! Hard core rules on breaks, wages, lunches, promotions,.etc.