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  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know the official cut-off for Fall 06? Thanks
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  3. by   EricJRN
    For applications? Are you referring to Fall '07?
  4. by   Krissyone
    I meant for 06 fall admission for North Harris.. I am applying for next fall and want to get an idea of the cut-off.
  5. by   nurseingrid
    the next time they are taking apps is in jan 07 for fall 07...i'll be applying is how i know...i'm currently at tomball
  6. by   Krissyone
    I meant the cut-off score to get into the program.. I heard back from the Nursing program that it was 10.6 . Thanks
  7. by   nurseingrid
    there is no official's just that the top how ever many they aretaking get in....i have heard lots of different stories about things, including that last year there were several people with the same # of points, so they went to a GPA system with them....i do know that they put the info into a computer program and it lists the names in order from the top....there's no thinking invoved..only numbers
  8. by   rgrgray
    I applied at an 11.01 my friend had an 11.10 and neither of us got in, not even as an alternate and this was last jan. Start date was this August. I think they had over 800 applicants for 140ish seats. Good luck but unless you have all A's in A&P pysc. english and really high hesi scores your chances are limited not impossible just limited. I wish you the best.
  9. by   Krissyone
    rgrgray- Omg that is not right! How can they do that? In another post where I asked reguarding North Harris college, someone responded( I think her name was Atrice) that her sister got into North Harris for this past Fall w/ a 11.07 I think ??!!! Soemthing does not seem right!
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  10. by   Krissyone
    I am sorry , I must have been tired when I typed my other post. I just went back to check my e-mail and Ms. Porter at North Harris had said the cut-off for this past fall was 11.06... I typed 10.06 sorry!