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CONGRATULATIONS :yeah:to all that got accepted into the nursing program at Lone Star College and also the ones put on as alternates (hang in there, I have read good news for alternates in previous... Read More

  1. by   beautyqueen2011
    Hey Tyshe--thanks for being so helpful.. I didn't see that pencil next to the register icon.. I wanted to locate that icon (pm) in case I had some personal questions to ask.. O-yea and someone mentioned uniforms.. Do we have to bring our uniforms to the school by a certain date in order to get that patch put on?? I know she mentioned white tops and teal pants..
  2. by   Tyshe
    You are so welcome beautyqueen2011... I dont really recall her saying to bring the uniforms to school.., I kind of remember her saying something about going to the library to get the student I.D.. I am not sure if thats the same place we will go to get the patch...

    Quesition?? Do anyone know if we have to attend the Camp Wanna Win???....
  3. by   beautyqueen2011
    I don't think that it is mandatory..
  4. by   Lizzienick311
    Camp Wanna Win isn't mandatory. At the time of registration I wasn't sure if I could go, so I didn't turn in the slip they gave us. I guess I can still go if I want to? I think we should all try to make it and meet each other in person. I got the 8am-12pm class that starts on July 27th - I chose the one taught by Prof. K - anyone else get that one? Also...I got the clinical at Healthsouth in Humble! I picked up my uniforms at Scrubs Etc. in The Woodlands yesterday and for 2 sets I paid $78.00 and some change. I chose the "Grey's Anatomy" brand - I love how they fit - soft and not stiff... I asked the girl in there what most people got and she said that brand was very popular. I haven't purchased my shoes yet, but plan on doing that online very soon. My stethescope should be coming anyday now! I am very excited...

    I haven't purchased my textbooks yet, but will be working on that the next week. Hmm, what else? I am going to turn in all my paperwork tomorrow.. i think the college is open? I will have to check my notes on the office hours.. If not, I will be going Monday. Does anyone know if we need a blood pressure cuff? What other things should we be getting? Also...what are yall getting for a rolling backpack? SOmeone suggested buying a small rolling suitcase.... What are yall's thoughts?

    Hope everyone is doing well....It's getting closer!!!
  5. by   Tyshe
    COOL, because I was planning on visiting my mother,,,I have a Grey's Anatomy top that I got at a scrubs store off Memoria/Gessner... I love it,, I do agree,, its soft and comfy, I went back to the store the other day and they didnt have tops in white.. I have been trying different stores and I notice they are so hard and uncomfortable, so I decided I would just buy white polo shirts. Did they have a big selection of Grey's Anatomy?? Do you have an address to the Scrub Etc store??

    I have not purchased anything yet..I am waiting until the first week of August. I do plan on getting the rolling backpack,, I read on previous threads, Marshalls or Ross sell pretty good ones. What kind of stethescope did you buy? and where did you buy it from..?? I can see that you are all ready to go,,, I didnt get her, she was not an option when I registered..but I did get the clinicals we wanted...
  6. by   Lizzienick311
    the scrubs etc. store is on the i-45 north feeder road on the right just before you get to robinson rd. their address is:

    26456 interstate 45n

    spring, tx 77386

    [font=georgia, times, serif] ph. 281-419-1981

    they have plenty of white scrub tops - they keep them in the back, so you have to try on the colored ones on the racks in the store - they don't let you try on the white ones.... because of people getting make-up on them, etc..... i know i got the littman cardiology iii - but, like said, my parents paid for it. it was around $149.00 or something like that.... if i had to buy it, i would have gone with something cheaper. i hear the cardiology ii is good too.
  7. by   Tyshe
    Ok I will check them out this weekend,, my hubby is also buying my Littman Cardiology with engravement on it from, I have read on previous threads the Littman III is very good.....
  8. by   Lizzienick311
    Yes, I got the engravement as well!! I hope no one sneaks off with it.. what color did you get? I got black... I know...plain...but I like to match Didn't go by the college today..forgot they were closed on Fridays, but will make it by there on Monday morning.
  9. by   Tyshe
    OH cool, I can see you and I are on the same page,, I told him to order me the plum I am crazy about purple... I want to get pretty much every thing in purple.. such as my highlighters and other school materials.. I thought that was so cool we can get engravement... Yes, the college closes on Friday for the summer...I am happy I was able to get all the paperwork end about 2 weeks ago.. I still get nervous when she email us..with updated book list and hep b dates.. So, u are finally finish with your shots as well.. I hate we will not be in the same class for summer, I didnt know we had an option, but there was only one class for 8-12am when I registered, I guess her class went like HOT cakes..
  10. by   Lizzienick311
    My scope came today!! So excited!! Okay, so is it true that we can get any style of scrub top as long as they are all white? I bought two at the scrub store, but was looking online and found some cuter ones... I just want to make sure I get the right kind.
  11. by   lpaige
    Hello everyone... I was wondering... does anyone know if all the whaley and wong books (the 4 hockenberry books listed) and if all the Medical surgical nursing books (the 3 Ignatavicius and Workman books) come in a bundle at the bookstore? I have been looking on amazon and different sites and some of them come together.... but not all of them. I was just wondering if its possible to buy them in a bundle... that would probaly be cheaper.
  12. by   Tyshe
    Hi Lizzienick - sorry it took me so long to respond to you,, I started Pharm on the 9th and its been alot of reading.. So, do you like your new scope? In orientation they did mention we can get any kind of top we want as long as it is white, that also apply for the bottoms, as long as they are teal... I emailed you a week ago, I hope I emailed it to the correct address.

    Ipaige- I have not purchased my books yet, I wish I could help you,, did you try contacting the bookstore? I did get a chance to research some of the books on Amazon, Border and Barnes and Nobles, I am sure they are cheaper than the school book store.
  13. by   Lizzienick311
    Hey Tyshe - I got your email - I just haven't had a chance to reply, but will as soon as I post this -

    I got 2 white tops from the scrubs etc. store in the woodlands, but I think I am going to return them and purchase a couple that I found online that I liked the style much better.

    I bought the 3 books that they said we needed for the Prep for Basic Care course - I plan on purchasing the rest little by little because they are so expensive. I bought them off Amazon and haven't looked on Barnes and Noble's website yet.... but will....

    What's everyone up to?