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CONGRATULATIONS :yeah:to all that got accepted into the nursing program at Lone Star College and also the ones put on as alternates (hang in there, I have read good news for alternates in previous... Read More

  1. by   Tyshe
    Lizzienick311- What books used for Kingwood Pharm? I was able to switch to the online class..Thanks again for the info..

    Is anyone able to exempt from the RN prep class that start in July?
  2. by   Lizzienick311
    Kingwood online pharm. requires just one book - FOCUS ON NURSING PHARMACOLOGY by Amy M. Karch - It's the 4th edition.

    I am not exempt from the prep. course....but, I here that it's pretty easy... we shall see.

    Anyone know of a good brand of wheeled backpack? I want to be able to carry my books and laptop.

    Also, If anyone has an iPhone, check out the nursing applications.. Some are quite expensive..but I want to find a good drug guide app. so it's one less book to carry around.
  3. by   Tyshe
    I will check and see if I can find the book online, thanks. I read on one of the threads regardind the rolling back pack, I will find it and paste it here. You and me have the same intention; I don't want to carry all those heavy books and I want to carry my laptop. I saw those apps on, some didn't have reviews to read, but I did down load the free ones for my iPod touch.
  4. by   Lizzienick311
    yeah, I have downloaded a couple on my iphone, but I need to create an account on Skyscape or something to use the apps. I don't want to spend a lot of money on downloading drug guides, etc. without finding a good review - I don't have that kind of money to be "risking". Tyshe - what is your regular email? You can send it to me on PM if you want - I have myspace and facebook too - although, I don't use them a whole lot.. I'll send you my information.
  5. by   TeeRN2Be
    Hey you guys-

    I have been checking on you guys every other day A good rolling backpack is the one from Target that costs like $40 or the one I have which is a Jansport and it's awesome, I spent $29 at Ross, this backpack usually costs over $100 great steal. You may want to check Ross, Marshalls and TJMaxx first before heading to Walmart... let the last resort be the Walmart backpack. I only say that because the Walmart backpack wheels are not that steady, you want wheels that are like in line skate wheels because they are steadier. Invest in a good one at the beginning that will carry you through the program. I have an IPAQ and ITouch. Honestly I like my ITouch better for the ease of use. If you go to you can purchase a package that has a drug guide and other great essentials for like $150, if you don't want to spend that much then get the Davis Drug Guide (the best one in my opinion) or you can Epocrates for free. With the nursingcentral package you get access for your desktop and your PDA/MP3 player.. .just a thought, it has been a saver for me. If you're taking Pharm with Ms. Loftin online, you will have an great teacher/class format. That's what I'm taking now, she's great and the class is great too! And don't worry about RNSG 1172, totally easy. It opens you up to the what's in store for you, pay attention because you'll be practicing alot of those skills in Nursing 1 clinical. If you guys have any more questions, drop them here and I'll answer as best I can. Welcome to Lone Star ~hugs~
  6. by   robert2010
    I have the Davis Drug guide, It comes with a wonderful CD. I use the CD to cut cut/paste medication info for the careplans that you have to do weekly. It normally takes 20 hours to do a careplan but with cut/paste it takes only 3 hours or so. You just fix the paste a little and you save lots of time because the medications repeat on careplans. The Davis CD is the only one that can do that! it is not APPLE compatible. I also have the online version because I work on my careplans at work. online version is 40 bucks and you can also use at in the iphone. You also need a good stethescope for clinicals-the littman lightweight it perfect ($40)
    I bought the $170 cardiac one but it is too heavy and I ended up buying the $40 one. Yes a rolling back is a good idea because they make you carry about 3-4 books at one time!!I wouldn't gather a study group for 1172 it is so easy, the final is knowledge-based questions you study 2 days before and you'll pass it, everybody in my class (60 students got 85 and up! But in nursing 1, it is alot of reading, prepare to have a lot of sleepless nights and they overwhelm you with projects because they want to know who is strong and who is not. The first exam in nursing 1, mostly everybody fails it, and dont feel bad if you do, from there you learn how nursing exams are and you will do better on the others.
  7. by   Lizzienick311
    So funny Tee - I am in Ms. Loftin's class with you! Hasn't this semester been wonderful! I really loved the format and I found it easy to stay on task.... Thanks for all the advice~

    - Devin
  8. by   TeeRN2Be
    Aww Devin!! ~Hugs chica~ :redpinkhe You're very welcome, any time. I loved her class. I agree with Robert, no study group is needed for RNSG 1172, you guys will be like for real Wait until after the 1st test that way you will see how you study, and will want to get others around you that study alike so you guys will all be on the same page. I have a Littmann Cardiac III that I absolutely adore, its my baby. LOL. Alot of people in my class have the SE and do just fine. I couldn't hear with the lightweight but I have sinus problems so that could be my issue. I can't stress enough to go buy a NCLEX book now, start learning to think critically. On these exams you will probably have 3 answers that can be correct but only 1 is the best answer. Remember your ABC's Airway- Breathing- Cardiac when looking for the answer. I have to go study for our last lecture exam but I'll be back.
  9. by   Tyshe
    You guys are so helpful.. (TeeRN2Be & Robert2010).. Thanks a million... I wish I had taken Pharm with you guys, but I am sure I will do fine, since Pro. Loftin is a great instruction and the format is good.. Again, thanks for all your help, its so appreciated...
  10. by   lpaige
    Hi everyone... I'm taking the online pharmacology class at kingwood in Summer I. I have Christina Nunez. Does anyone know anything about her?
  11. by   TeeRN2Be
    She's our Nursing I instructor and she' s nice. I believe her Pharm class is set up like Ms. Loftin's was. Ms. Nunez helped to design the class format so you shouldn't have any problems either. Good luck.
  12. by   Lizzienick311
    Are the uniforms for NH like Kingwood's...White tops and Teal bottoms??
  13. by   clac2009
    Yes, white tops and teal bottoms.