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Hi, I am a Graduate Nurse with a BSN (as of last Saturday) and I just moved from Kansas City to North Dallas. When I looked online before moving, I saw many nursing jobs, so I thought I would have... Read More

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    Hi TheCommuter,

    I am in the Metroplex too and have difficulties finding a job. I would greatly appreciate your help with a list of places that need RNs now. I have combined home health and LTC/SNF experience of 1 year.

    You quoted a post of mine that was made back in 2006. The job market was much more robust and welcoming 5 years ago. I have not worked at that particular facility since February 2008. The facilities that were freely hiring nurses several years ago have all tightened their belts as the economic situation changed.
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    I am sooo frustrated. But things are looking up... Parkland opened up 2 RN residencies for L&D and ED. I cannot wait to remove Indeed & other job searching website from my "FAVORITES"... argh.
    You can also expect 1,000+ new nurses to apply for the 2 residencies since L&D and the ER are two extremely coveted specialties being offered at one hugely popular hospital.