New grad salaries

  1. Hi i was just curious about salaries for new grads. I have a class mate who is moving to Texas I think she will be working at teh houston medical center or something like that. Anyways she said that they are starting her out at $25 an hour. Is this an accurate amount for a new grad to make in this area.
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  3. by   CSLee3
    Yes that is probably true statement. 18-16 an hour is pretty norm, depending on City, Specialty and Shift,,,don't forget evening, night and weekend differentials. If your friend will be working with no benefits..PRN for instance, she can make a lot more an hour. Agency work or contract, even more. Good money, but you earn it. Hope that helps...
  4. by   joey442000
    She said she is working at a big medical center in houston. Not sure on the name she said it was really big though. She will just be interning and working day shift though. What is the cost of living out there?
  5. by   shirleyTX
    Here in Galveston, at utmb they are fixing to upgrade the pay from 22 to 25 to be more compet. with the medical center. texas, compared to other states pay very well
  6. by   joey442000
    Noticably so! In knoxville, TN area the starting is 17 an hour. I compared cost of living between Houston and knoxville and its pretty much the same too. Man i wish Tennessee would get on the ball.
  7. by   shirleyTX
    KNoxville, huh. That is where my husband and I will be moving once I grad. in April. As you can understand I am NOT looking foward to the decrease in pay considering what everyone else in my class will be making but its a family decision. So it's went to 17/hr, in Dec they told me it was still 16.50 wow, guess there moving on up.
    Do you know anything about Covenant- Fort Sanders Regional in specific
  8. by   joey442000
    Thats actually my number one choice of the hospitals that im applying to. They have a real good critical care class and im hoping to get into it.
  9. by   shirleyTX
    Me too..... So you're my competition..haha just playing. I debated between them and St. Mary's, but went with Covenant. I hope to get a position in the ICU, but if I don't I'll be more than happy to start in cardiology. Either one is fine by me. Also, will probley go to nights just because I heard it was alittle less crazy than days.
    Well hopefully I'll see ya in orientation. I have an interview with them on the 7th so I'll let you know how it goes.
    Take care,
  10. by   joey442000
    Are you a soon to be new grad too?
  11. by   shirleyTX
    Yes. I graduate APril 22. Planon talking the NCLEX here in Texas and moving at the end of MAy to Tennessee.Hopefully it will be a smooth transition but I really doubt it. Moving far away, getting aquainted with the Tennessee way will be a challenge. Oh well
    Take care,
  12. by   joey442000
    I think i will be graduating a week after you or two weeks cant remeber at this point. Anyways, i think i am going to wait till after spring break to set up an interview with covanent. I have a lot to do right now and the next two weeks before break. After break though my managment clinical starts and it will not be as hectic as my community clinical has been so i will start all that stuff then.
  13. by   tracimom
    What is the starting pay in Dallas for an LVN anyone know?
  14. by   shirleyTX
    Just an FYI, I think the nurse recru. and I believe it is on the website that they have an interview date which is at teh end of March. She told me that they will interview everyone that day and you will know in two weeks if you were selected. She also said if you waited, they best slots might be filled and that they would have positions, but probley in only med surg. Because you expressed an interest with ICU, you might want to double chech dates so you're not left out. The way it was explained to me was this one day in March was when they did all the hiring for the summer intern programs and that your application needs to be complete. If I'm wrong, I apologize,but I would really check the dates so you're not excluded from the intern program you want.