New Grad Nurse Relocation to Austin Texas

  1. Hi, I'm about to go into my last semester of Nursing school and I'm thinking about relocating to Austin, TX.

    What are good surrounding hospitals for a new grad?

    How is the job market and chances of getting a job for new grad nurses?
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Austin is a very tough market for new grad nurses. There are several major nursing schools in the area cranking out new grads every few months, saturating the market and making finding employment difficult. The pay there is lower in general than other Texas cities and the housing is expensive.

    I would not recommend moving to Austin without a written job offer in hand with starting date and salary outlined. If you are applying from out of state you will be at a significant disadvantage in getting selected to interview and you will have to come for any interviews you do get on your own dime.