New Grad Internship at St Luke's

  1. just wondering if anyone applied to the st lukes new grad internship program for september and if you have heard anything back yet. i have applied and my status is blank unfortunately i havent recieved a call back yet. also what is it like working at st lukes and what is their new grad pay?

    thanks for your response
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  3. by   HouTx
    Which St. Lukes? There is one in just about every city.
  4. by   NeoNurseTX
    I was a student nurse associate at SLEH in the med center and got offered a position as a new grad, which I declined, but I really loved working there. I was in the CCU.
  5. by   pinkynbd_99
    Are you getting your BSN? Because they won't even look at you if you don't have your BSN, personal experience with them for the June internship. Alot of the Med-Center hospitals are looking for Magnet status, and so all their new nurses need to have their BSN. It's very rare for a ADN new grad to get a job in the Med-Center now, either they have a BA in another degree or they know someone.
    BUT if you do, hey Congrats!! You're chances are good. Just keep calling them if that's where you want to go. Everyone I know that works there, loves it!
  6. by   fuchaRN
    I am actually talking about the St. Lukes at TMC.

    ** I do have a BSN and I already took the Boards. I have called them everyday and my application is still under review. I filled out the application over a month ago.
  7. by   lilypad2424
    I applied. No response. In fact, I applied to 5 different hospitals for their internship programs, got one response from Christus St. Katherine in Katy sayin' ....NOOOOOO!

    Waaaa. I have been an LVN for 3 years, the RN job hunt is very frustrating indeed. Lots of competition. Wish I would have made straight A's
  8. by   pinkynbd_99
    Keep your head up guys, grades make it but I mean not really. You can be book smart but then on the floor stump. So you have to sell yourself. Go personally to talk to these folks in HR and unit managers as well. Even if they tell you "oh, right now no, we are not looking." you've done the first step of introducing yourself, given them your resume, told them you HAVE your RN license, and shown interest. That helps alot, maybe not now but they will call you later! I spent about 4 monts calling and leaving messages to Methodist Willowbrook, then they call me about a month after school finished that they were looking for 2 new grads in their ICU. But by then I already had a job somewhere else. But it worked, they called me back. So keep trying, all you can get is No now, but later a call back saying "hey, you still interested? We just had an opening?"
  9. by   modernhippie_
    I interviewed for the st lukes TMC new grad fall residency a few weeks ago. I got an email yesterday saying they decided to pursue other candidates. I'm also BSN, AND have my license, PLUS i'm ACLS and PALS certified...I haven't gotten a job anywhere yet, and this was my second interview ever for an RN position. I'm really open to any unit in any location, any shift, and have made that clear...and I still can't find anything. best of luck to everyone else who interviewed for St. Lukes, it seems like an awesome place to work and I really had my fingers crossed for it, but it wasnt in the cards for me.