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  1. I need to take the NET test to apply to UT. Any idea on how to get a study guide or what I should study for?
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  3. by   xoxo2802
    Also what are the differences between the HESI and the NET tests?
  4. by   CurlyGirlie
    you can get the net study guide from many bookstores, libraries, or online. most nursing programs test on math, reading, and grammar on their entrance exams such as hesi and net. some schools require a science portion of the test as well. each school requires something different. it's important to go to each individual school's website and find out specifically what that program requires. as far as hesi and net, they are both standardized tests. i've only taken the hesi, but i've heard the net is a little more challenging.
  5. by   livinlife1257
    Check out Csantos All about the NET sticky is under the student section in the Pre- Nursing area.. Wonderful advice that has helped many people ! Also good luck to you !
  6. by   pinkynbd_99
    i would say that if you are taking the NET for UT be sure you make a high score of atleast a 85%, the study guide that the NET sells is pretty good, and you can get the name on their website and then just search for it online, I know in Ebay it'll be sold much cheaper.

    UT will stress that the NET is just for establishing your learning level but it's pretty much BS, you need to have atleast a 3.0 GPA and a GOOD Net test score so that you can atleast get an Interview with them and then see if they will consider you for admission. I just applied for the fall 08 and wasn't accepted but the admission conselour told me that last year on average the students that were admitted to the program had a 75% on their NET. I had a 75% on my NET and my GPA was a 3.4 but no luck for me, it doesn't help to be on the boarder line criteria! I didn't even get an interview!
  7. by   Krither
    In case you don't already have the study guide, here's the site where you can buy it.

    It is found here. >>>

    In addition to this study guide a practice test is offered on the website that I also think will be of help.

    It can be found here. >>>

    These are two sites that have tests that you can use as practice.



    Now this is a link I found around the site and it takes you to some other school's web page so just ignore the part where it talks about going to the Learning Lab.


    What really helped me was to practice my timing since in the past timed tests weren't my strong point. However, I found that with practice by timing and pacing myself I was able to comfortably take the test without all the stress of worrying about the time.

    Some people may find this test hard and some find it very easy; it depends. If you are not prepared, it may be hard and it really is easy if you know what you are doing and know what to expect.

    Put simply, if you prepare yourself well, you will do wonderfully!