Moving to katy in 6 months

  1. hello,
    I will be moving to katy in about 6 months....I have two years RN exp..1 yr home health and 1 year in acute peds, I have bls, acls, and pals certification and soon to take a certified nurse pediatric exam in the fall...I am also currently in an RN-BSN program with PSU in my third semester and hope to finish next yr dec...I also have exp as an lpn for 4 years with IV, wound care and corrections exp..however I look into staying with acute peds for now...My husband who is also an RN and will be starting his RN-BSN Program with PSU this fall just recently accepted a rehab position here in NY in hopes to get some rehab (or ER if lucky) position in texas once we move...we do hope to land employment prior to moving...anyone who lives in the katy area are there any rehab centers anyone is familiar with?..if so can someone shed a light as to what to expect approx in pay?...any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated!...thanks in advance
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  3. by   HouTx
    You're in luck - Katy has satellite facilities for all of the major hospital systems in Houston. You should apply to Texas Children's for sure. Memorial-Hermann & St. Lukes both have new campuses in that area also. There is no free standing rehab facility in that area right now, but Memorial Hermann has one that is only about 10 miles away - in the Memorial City location (I-10 & Gessner). That's a very short commute for the Houston area - LOL.

    Sorry I don't have any info on salary... you'd need to talk to a recruiter to get specific information because it is based on your experience and education.

    Welcome to Texas!!!! Good luck with your relocation. I would urge you to avoid moving from June through the end of September.... when our climate tends to be 'OMG-surface-of-the-sun' alternating with 'jungle hot', interrupted with occasional tropical storms and hurricanes.