moving to austin, looking for schooling for my mom

  1. Hi all,

    I'm not into the nursing thing so pardon if I step on any toes, I'm trying not to but I don't know much about the nursing world.

    I am currently living in wisconsin, but I'll be graduating from college in May and moving to Austin, Texas.

    My mom has done everything and anything to help me through school and I plan to do the same for her. It's hard to do things from so far away but I'm trying to be proactive about things.

    My mom is interested in doing the lpn/lvn type of program, but cost is also a major concern for us. She'll be living with me while she's in school. So initially what I'm looking at here is getting her into austin community college and working on some pre requisits for her (she has previously gone to community college here and has many of them out of the way) because I figure there is a waiting list to get into the program.

    Then after that's complete, she would like to get a job and then get her RN degree.

    So my question for you guys, is has anyone done anything similar to this that would be willing to possibly befriend my mom a little and help her along? Some advice here and there? She's not too computer savvy (whicyh is why i'm posting this on her bahalf) but she's getting better, got email and all of that such things now.

    She's an awesome lady, 45 years old, recently divorced from a pretty bad ex-husband and trying to really make something of her life. She's really excited about doing all of this, but there's only so much I can help with.

    So if anyone is interested in helping us out a little (advice wise, not monitary heh). Even if you don't want to talk to her, you can just pass along some info/advice to me and I'll pass it along her way.
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  3. by   foxyhill21
    I would tell my mom to take the preq for nursing school and just go get her RN, since that is her long term goal and she can work as a student nurse in a hospital in Austin. To get into nursing school it is hard, so tell her she needs a 3.6 and up, so study hard during preq. Here is a website that has infor about schools in Texas
  4. by   Corvette Guy
    Hello Sunnywake,

    Here are some helpful links ...

    Austin Community College LVN Program

    ACC List of all Health Sciences Programs

    UT, at Austin Nursing Programs

    List of Texas Schools of Nursing

    ... that should keep ya'll busy for awhile.

  5. by   Corvette Guy
    Sunnywake, did you check out the links I posted?
  6. by   maolin
    I just sent you a PM - I'm a student in Austin and might be able to help you.
  7. by   gauge14iv
    Yup - I concur with the just go straight to the RN program too.

    If you want to get an LVN and stop there, or work for a number of years in between then go for the LVN. If you know you want an RN already and you plan to do it soon then just focus your effort and energy in that direction and skip the LVN program.
  8. by   sunnywake
    Thank you guys, I've been checking out the links and info you folks posted. My mom is definatly interested in the RN but..the problem comes in to financing. She needs to be without work for the shortest amount of time possible. She's not married and I'm her only child who will be working hard to support myself and help her as much as I can, so she doesn't have much of a support system to not be working and she tried at one point to do the lpn program at a commmunity college where she's from in illinois and work at the same time, but it just was too hard. How did you all do it?
  9. by   austin heart
    If she is planning on staying in Austin she is going to have a hard time finding a job as an LVN unless she is willing to work in a nursing home. All of the hospitals here are phasing them out and I only know of one that still hires them, Brach, and that is for their skilled nursing unit (nursing home type patiants).
    I would encourage her to attempt the RN program if possable. Has she checked into grants or hardship loans?
    Another thing is she might want to check into their credit transfer policies. If her classes are older than 5 years old they are more than likely not going to transfer. Also from what I have heard, ACC's ADN program has a pretty long wait list.
    Good luck to her, I hope that every thing works out for the both of you!
  10. by   gauge14iv
    In some RN programs, you can take the LVN exam after the first year of school.
  11. by   sunnywake
    Well, initially my mom had started going to our local community college in illinois, working towards her lpn program. Then had planned to go for the RN program. However, she was trying to get me through college at the time, so she couldn't not work and ended up not going through the nursing program.

    However, she did have all of her pre-req's done for the lpn program here. I realize that things don't always transfer right and so on, and then if she does go straight for the rn program, which I hope she does, she'll have more pre-req's to do anyway, correct?

    How long did you all have to spend on the waiting list? Hopefully she'll be able to enroll at acc, and be able to get into the RN program as soon as she finishes what ever pre-req's she'll need. So hopefully no more than a semester or two?

    I adore my mom, but we get along quite well when we don't live together, so the shortest amount of time we have to live together the better As I'm sure most of you know, living with your kids after a certain age will drive both of you crazy She's got no body else though, and I am happy to do it. Did any of you do this on your own? Just curious
  12. by   austin heart
    My friend got in after a 3 semester wait and that was with As and Bs in her pre-recs. She said that there was people waiting as long as 4-5 semesters depending on their GPA. Your best bet would have your mom to contact a ACC counselor or some on in the Department of Nursing at ACC and I am sure that some one in those offices can give her some sort of idea of what the wait list is.

    Like some on else said, most schools allow you to set the LVN boards after 2 full semesters and 2 summer semesters (you have to have a certain amount of clinical hours logged to sit for boards) and then she would be able to work at least part time while finishing her degree. But as I also said her employment opportunities in Austin will be limited as an LVN. As far as pre-recs, I think that that we were all required to take A&P, Micro, some sort of psycology (I had to take both adult and child classes) and the standard math, english etc. I think that I even had to take Speach. She can probably find all that ouy online if ACC has an online catalog.
  13. by   mandana
    The wait is very, very long! I had a 3 semester wait with a 4.0 GPA at ACC. Their ranking system is not the most perfectly designed tool in the world.

    The other option would be to begin working as a tech at a local hospital while doing pre-req's. Then she's making money, getting valuable experience, meeting people who can be good for her future job prospects and will be able to really tailor her hours to suit her school schedule.

    Austin Heart - I have a question for you! Do you know of a formal, one-day EKG class that is offered. I'm SO in the dark in regards to reading tele strips. This is problematic since all of the areas I'm interested in will require it!

  14. by   austin heart
    Amanda, St. Davids offers a great 2 day 12 lead class, I think it is called Advanced Disrythmias. Back when I took it (several years ago) you did not have to be an employee of St. Davids to take it so you might want to try there. It is an easier class if you already know your basic strips, but I think that they also offered a basic EKG class as well. Just call the their education center.