Mountain View Fall 2018 Hopefuls

  1. Hello Everyone!! I am excited about applying for Fall 2018 admission at Mountain View program! I am worrying about my points that I will apply with? Does anyone know the lowest amount of points they accept. I look forward to talking to everyone!

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  3. by   meganbanks16
    Hey!! I'm also applying for Fall 2018 at MVC. I have no idea what a good score is but I am going in with 20 points, hope that's good enough to atleast get called in for an interview. Good luck to you!
  4. by   kmjohnson93
    Good luck as well! I'm going in with 16 points!
  5. by   Mzlilywinn
    Hey guys! I'm applying for MVC's Fall 2018 Nursing program as well. I just took my hesi exam today and made a cumulative score of 83. I feel like I could of done better since my a&p and vocabulary scores were both 76. I scheduled at El Centro for next Monday, so hopefully I can make a better score. I'm going in with 18 points, but if my hesi score is higher, maybe I'm able to go in with an extra 2 points.
  6. by   kmjohnson93
    Yeah my cumulative is a 82. I think I'm going to just leave my score. My A&P is pretty high.
  7. by   Mzlilywinn
    Do you know if they go by the cumulative hesi score? Or each section ?
  8. by   kmjohnson93
    I'm not sure. They may go by both?
  9. by   Mzlilywinn
    I heard people have gotten in with 21 and 22 points before so that kind of scares me! Did you already do your background check? I'm not sure what exactly we were supposed to print out for proof that we did it. Because there was no receipt.
  10. by   kmjohnson93
    Yeah the points thing scares me too! Yes I did the background check and everything else! The website is kinda confusing on what I need to submit so I just went ahead and did everything before. The background check receipt I printed out the page that had me sign with the date on it.
  11. by   Mzlilywinn
    I calculated all my points and I actually have 20 points total including the patho and pharm that I took through Mountain View. If I don't get in for the Fall, I'm going to retake my A&P 1 and 2 over summer and apply for Spring 2019. Omg seem like such a long time from now...

    I think all you're supposed to have is:

    -Hesi cumulative score sheet with score of 76 or higher on each section
    -License, SS card, health insurance card, CPR certification card
    -Immunization record, Health record, Physical examination form filled out by PCP
    -Background check done with receipt included in application packet
    -Nursing application form
    -Admission ranking sheet
    -Hep B acknowledgement sheet
    -Student responsibility sheet
    -Nursing information session verification form
    -Official transcripts from all colleges
    -Texas success initiative requirement sheet

    Once accepted into the program, you will have to go do your TB skin test and also the drug test.
  12. by   kmjohnson93
    Ok great! I have everything done! I'm excited!
  13. by   Mzlilywinn
    That's great! Me too. I'm just nervous if I get in or not. It seem like they accept more students in the Fall than Spring. El Centro is on probation so I'm guessing more students will be applying to Mountainview this semester.. :/
  14. by   kmjohnson93
    Yesss I was thinking the same thing. Let's hope for the best and we got this!