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Does anyone have any information about Midwestern's Fall 2013 nursing class? I am so confused! I applied, but for weeks I didn't receive any email so I wasn't even sure if my application went... Read More

  1. by   moragwa
    hey i need a roomie to email me and we can talk lol
  2. by   moragwa
    hey do you know how the schedule is like the first sememster cause i really i am trying to find a job and i don't know my availability.
  3. by   Dejam
    Hey, please is anyone coming for orientation on the 19th of June which is Wednesday?
  4. by   rosybaby02
    thanks. I hope you get in soon
  5. by   rosybaby02
    Oriuentation on june 19th? thought the orientation is on aug 29 I think!
  6. by   rosybaby02
    congrats. I have been trying to join the group on facebook but to no avail. cn u post the link here?
  7. by   Shorty11
    I start my senior year of the nursing program at Midwestern in the fall. (Only 2 semesters left for me! Yay!) Anyways, I am actually a Wichita Falls native. Besides living in Denton, TX for a few years after high school, I have lived in Wichita Falls pretty much my entire life. We have a population of about 105,000. The campus itself is really nice. The campus is located "centrally" near the Sikes Senter Mall and other areas to shop and eat. It is surrounded by several apartment complexes and a nice upscale neighborhood. I am an "older" student (28) so I do not live on campus. I live in an apartment complex less than 5 minutes from campus. There are many options for housing on and off campus that are close. Wichita Falls isn't the most interesting town ever, but I feel safe here and there are some things to do for fun (We have 2 movie theaters, a bowling alley, parks, nightclubs & bars, shopping, restaurants, etc.) Not that college students have the money, but there are even 2 casinos about 20 minutes north of town just over the Oklahoma border. LOL. We are known for having a large air force base (Sheppard Air Force Base).
    There are several places at which you will complete your required clinicals. First semester, clinicals will be completed at the Simulation Center (which is located off but close to the campus). Second semester, clinicals will be completed at one of 4 nursing homes located in various areas of the town. Third semester, clinicals will be completed at United Regional Health Care System (think typical hospital), North Texas State Hospital, and Red River Hospital (latter two are mental healthcare facilities). I haven't completed my fourth or fifth semester yet, but clinicals during these semesters are completed at United Regional Healthcare System. Obviously I am not sure how exactly your first semester schedule will be, but mine was this: I had Family Health Assessment lecture from 1-3:50 PM on Mondays. I had Introduction to Nursing from 1-2:20 PM on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. I had Family Health Assessment Clinical on Tuesdays from 10-12 noon. Pathophysiology is a "hybrid" course. The course is online, but we were required to be available from 6-850 PM on Wednesdays, because all exams are taken on campus. I also took Nursing Stats, which is completely online (tests included). Your schedule will obviously not be exactly like mine was, but I just wanted to give you an idea. First semester is all about "getting in the swing of things". Be forewarned - you will have less and less free time available as you progress in the program because clinicals become more in number and longer in length each progressive semester. But get excited! Nursing school is time-consuming, but fun! I love it! I made an A in every class first semester. Congratulations to those who go in! And for those wait-listed, I know it is hard but just wait... if someone who got accepted, declines the offer to attend MWSU, you might just get in for the fall! Best of luck!
  8. by   CindyAnai
    @Rosy Just type the typical FB URL at the top ending with : /groups/mwsunursing/

    I can't post the link directly here, it wont let me.

    @Shorty You should join the group as well, we have questions to ask over there lol, and only a current nursing student would help us out the best and tell us about their experiences and what to look out for!
  9. by   Tiffaniebush
    I need three classes then I will apply for the accelerated program what is the class load like for each of you I don't know if I should do the accelerated 15 month or the 24 month program