Memorial Hermann-Nurse Residency Spring 2018 - page 2

Just making a thread for Memorial Hermann's Graduate Nurse Residency program for Spring 2018, so we can keep each other updated on our process. Started filling out my application today! Super excited... Read More

  1. by   NurseBAP
    One of mine changed to under review and one still says applied! Also, under my applications, I only have applications saying 1st choice and 2nd choice, do you guys have one that says 3rd choice too or the same?
  2. by   vrm5189
    Probably depends on that unit manager at the location if they've started looking through em..
  3. by   tokedo
    One of my choices says "Application under review" The rest just say "Applied".
  4. by   ashsebash
    Hi y'all! Recently graduated and applied! One of my choices says "application under review"
  5. by   s.leblanc2014
    When did y'all apply? The head of the residency program came & talked to us at clinical and said they reviewed applications by when they were were applied. I applied like as SOON as it opened and mine still says "applied" ☹️
  6. by   aspiringnurse5924
    I applied the day it opened and mine still just says "applied" too!
  7. by   PearlGrey
    Quote from aspiringnurse5924
    I applied the day it opened and mine still just says "applied" too!
    Same here!!!
  8. by   TexasGirl17
    we had someone come talk to us. They said they look at everyone that applied to Memorial Hermann before sending out requests for match day! I wouldn't be too worried. They will probably send out emails the first 2 weeks of October! I do know that if you don't meet their qualifications they will go ahead and email you "no"
  9. by   gnab419
    Hey! I applied too! I'm nervous because I'm pretty much putting all my eggs in one basket! I applied for ER.
  10. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Has anyone heard anything? I was hoping we might be contacted today since the application closed yesterday!
  11. by   meganmariee
    Hey! I applied too but I also haven't heard anything yet. Fingers crossed we hear something soon!
  12. by   gnab419
    I haven't heard anything yet either. I'm hoping to soon. I hate waiting!
  13. by   susnurse22
    Hey guys, I just got an email from one of my top two choices: MH Greater Heights! Anyone else hear back from MH TMC?