Memorial Hermann gn residency summer 2018

  1. Hi all!

    Making a thread for the Memorial Hermann GN Residency Program starting in summer 2018.

    Anyone going to the open house/ pre-match day soon on February 17??
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  3. by   IrinK
    Hi! Thanks for the thread. I'm going to this event Exciting!
  4. by   SageTXRN
    I'm going
  5. by   Tprofitt
    Do you guys think that going to the event will make or break our chances of being interviewed? I want to go so bad but I have to work. I may go late.
  6. by   GN2018
    Hi! Thanks for the thread. Yes, I plan on attending.
  7. by   aam123
    I don't think it will make or break your chances. The email said that this would be like a job fair and our opportunity to get a better idea of how each unit is structured, hopefully giving us a better idea of what unit we would like.
  8. by   aam123
    Also, I am attending this event!
  9. by   LW.bsnrn
    I'm also attending the open house! What is everyone planning on wearing to it? I got the email saying we could wear our nursing school shirts, but considering it's basically a job fair that seems a little too casual for me.
  10. by   cdittrich15
    I will be attending. I don't think it'll be a make or break type of event. But I do see it as an opportunity to meet possible nurse managers who may be on the interview panel for match day. With the number of graduate nurses that interview, it wouldn't hurt to try and get them to remember or recognize you come the day of your actual interview.
  11. by   NICUorbust
    I can't attend this one as I'm out of state and have clinicals on Friday. (SW NM) Feel free to fill me in after LOL! Good luck everyone!
  12. by   amanda10panda
    Does anyone know what we're supposed to wear for the open house? Is it more casual or business?
  13. by   tina102
    Any updates on how the event went?
  14. by   NrsNi1
    Hey all. I didn't go to the event. I registered, and when they emailed the set of questions, I responded with my answers. A few days later, I got an email back saying that the event was ONLY for those who are choosing TMC or Children's. A friend of mine received the same response. So we did not go because I am choosing Southwest or Sugar Land as my 2 options, and she is choosing Memorial City and some other branch. Can I ask, have you all graduated yet? I finish in May with ADN. What degree do/will you have?