Medical City Health July 2018 RN Residency

  1. Hi, I'm just creating this board for anyone who applied to any Medical City Hospitals for a Nurse Residency for July 2018. To anyone else who applied we can use this board to keep updated. About phone interviews, panel interviews, the process, etc.
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  3. by   mh101
    What units did you apply for?
  4. by   lo789
    t100 Have you heard anything back?
  5. by   mh101
    I have not seen any openings for any positions. What did you search under/are they opened yet?
  6. by   TechNursing711
    I think they might have already closed.....they opened early/mid January
  7. by   1dayanurse
    I applied. Had a phone interview, they said mid or end of February was when they would know actual positions open. They are having an "intern bash" tomorrow. Is anyone going to that?
  8. by   mh101
    do you by any chance have the link of the career page listing the internship?
  9. by   TechNursing711
    Did you have the phone interview recently?
  10. by   1dayanurse
    I don't have the link I just checked to see if it was in my email trash but it's already gone. I remember it was under RN Intern. I got the phone interview the day I submitted it and I did that the first day it opened, whenever that was. The last I spoke with only recruited certain areas though. So depending on where you picked probably has something to do with it...
  11. by   1dayanurse
    Lady not last
  12. by   LexiBrouhard
    I applied to Medical City Children's and I have an interview with them tonight at the "Intern Bash"!
  13. by   1dayanurse
    Are you going when it starts or just for your interview time?
  14. by   TechNursing711
    is the intern bash talked about on their website, or was it just mentioned to those who recieved interviews?