Lonestar Cyfair College Nursing Program- FALL 2013 - page 2

Hello, I am looking to talk with and meet students applying for the Nursing Program - Basic Track at Lonestar College Cyfair in the Fall of 2013. And also discuss the application process and more. ... Read More

  1. by   kevann00
    At the lonestar montgomery campus i printed a testing ticket online from the website filled it out, paid at the office and went staright to the testing center to take my exam..didnt need to set up an appointment or anything. As long as you are there 5 hours before closing you will be able to take it no problem
  2. by   Hemcdougall
    My application is officially submitted! Come on end of march!!
  3. by   trs7707
    I cannot get access to apply yet.
  4. by   lth1123
    @trs7707 why not? If there is an error, just contact them and they can fix it. The system did me like that after my HESI score updated, but soon as I called they quickly resolved the problem.
  5. by   nsummer
    I have all Bs on my core class part of the score card (a&p, psych, English) which is hurting me. What is a good ratio to be the 4 points instead of 3? Do you need 2 As or all 3 to be As? Thanks for your help!
  6. by   lth1123
    I think you need all A's in that section to get all 4 points. I had two A's and a B and received 3.7 points in that section.
  7. by   nsummer
    Thanks so much! Good to know.
  8. by   trs7707
    I finally got to apply. I have 11.468...what do you think my chances are at Cy Fair
  9. by   kd1016
    I have C's in my core class part of the score card -a&p, psych, English-- is that going to hurt me? what would be my score for C's?