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Hello everyone! I just wanted to start a new thread for all of us who will be starting the CyFair program this Fall 2009. Congratulations to all of you! :dance::yeah::dance: To those who are... Read More

  1. by   eeeira
    Hi Hi to all,

    I was accepted into the Cyfair Nursing program for Spring 2010. I am sure everyone is very busy with studies at the moment. I know we are :P Our professor mentioned to us today that it would be wise to buy a general care plan book (nursing diagnosis handbook). I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good books. Any help would be most appreciated.

    thank you and good luck to everyone on their journeys,
  2. by   djNyla
    Congratulations on your acceptance!

    Most of the people in our class bought Nursing Care Plans Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention. ISBN-13: 978-0-323-03954-3


    The other "reccomended" books like Test Sucess and the other test taking book were also helpful in preparing for the exams. You don't have to buy them if you don't want to. They are both available through the school library, one is available online.
  3. by   lilag02
    I know this thread is old, but since I haven't gotten an answer on the new one, thought I'd try here. Does anyone remember how long it took for the HESI scores to be input? I took it on Thursday and was told (by assessment center staff) that it'd be updated that day, but it still isn't. I hate to bug the nursing staff needlessly, since I know that they are likely very busy at this point in time, but if there's a problem I want to get it taken care of now.
  4. by   djNyla
    Give it 2 months (it's what I was told - I know it sounds like a long time)...but they are very busy right now. If after 2 months it's still not there. Bring your score print out you received to the nursing admin office and ask them if they can input it themselves. Someone had a similar situation where it was not inputted into the system and they had to bring their papers to the office. Hope this helps...good luck!
  5. by   lilag02
    Thanks, djNyla, for getting back to me! Unfortunately, I can't wait two months...the app period ends on 3/1. I'll just keep checking it and hopefully get a chance to go by this week. Thanks again for the quick response!
  6. by   tsheen86
    Quote from lilag02
    Thanks, djNyla, for getting back to me! Unfortunately, I can't wait two months...the app period ends on 3/1. I'll just keep checking it and hopefully get a chance to go by this week. Thanks again for the quick response!
    Hey whatever happened? I am also waiting on my score sheet tot be updated
  7. by   lilag02
    If any of y'all are still around, can you tell me what the restrictions are with smartphones? I called and was told that it's up to the instructors and sites, so I'm wondering if you guys have, or know anyone who has, run into any issues with this. I would prefer not to have a phone and PDA, but at the same time don't want to buy a smartphone and download nursing apps that I'll run into problems using. Thanks for any help!
  8. by   kmbrlyw
    Was just wondering if anyone thought I should keep my A&P books from BIOL 2404 refresher course this summer? Will we use them any during the actual ADN program? Would they be a good reference? Let me know what you think.

  9. by   CreoleFromtheBoot
    IMO, it would be wise to keep every book you have ever owned that can help you get thru nursing school!!! Seriously though, I have used my A&P book plenty of times including books from the 1st semester of nursing school. Some people sold their books and then later finding out we need them for the following sem.

    I have an itouch and BB but haven't really use them yet. Im sure I will in the near future but last semester at clinicals I just used the computer at the nurses station to look up everything. The hospital I attended didn't mind the use of smartphones and I didn't hear from my other classmates that it was a problem.

    There are so many good apps to purchase for ur itouch but imo if you purchase them for the 1st or 2nd semester it's kinda a waste of money. Most expensive ones expire after a year. If you were to wait till your third semester it will last till graduation...at least that's what I plan to do.

    Hope this helps. If you have ANY questions about your upcoming semesters, please don't hesitate to ask.
  10. by   lilag02
    Thank you! My husband and I are both due for upgrades this summer and I was trying to decide whether it would be worth it to get a smartphone or just use the money for a PDA/itouch. I was leaning towards the phone simply so I have less to carry around and keep up with, but the only answer I could get from the school was that it was up to the sites and instructors, so thank you for answering!! And I'll be sure to hold off on the paid apps, but I'll probably go ahead and download epocrates and play a little.

    You guys just finished up your first semester of clinicals, right? How was it? And is the rumor true? Will we be wearing all black? I could pepper you with questions until my fingers go numb, so I'll stop there. Though if you have any tips and helpful info you'd like to throw our way, I wouldn't complain.

    Thanks again, and congrats on getting through your first year!!
  11. by   Thangbom321
    Hey everyone, just reporting in that i finally received my 'blue card' stating that my background check cleared. IT sure did take a while.

    P.S. it's the size of a post card but blue stating that the nursing department had received notice from the background check people, and everything cleared.
  12. by   fabjulev
    I know it's been a while but I hope you can reply. Can you give us an update on how everything is going and any advice? Looking forward to reading your response since you are so close to the finish line!
  13. by   CreoleFromtheBoot
    Hello again! Sorry it took so long responding...our summer semester was a beast!!!

    Congratulations to those that are starting next week. I know it may seem so overwhelming and stressful but just relax, breathe and soak up everything you hear! The first semester was the easiest but the most stressful because of the practicums. You will have to perform different skills in front of an instructor and will be marked off as pass or fail. For us, we had three chances then you were out. Im not sure if they changed that. FYI, we didn't lose anybody in our class due to failing practicums. It probably took them three tries but they passed when it counted. Be very careful with Legal and Ethical. It's an online course so it's easy to become lackadaisical. If you are late on the assignments you risk getting dropped from the program. We lost only one classmate from this class but there were a few on the verge of failing so stay focused!

    Yes, you'll be wearing black scrubs for your clinicals. Its kinda bitter-sweet because black is slimming but it fades so quickly so make sure to purchase two pair at a time.

    Pharm will be a hybrid course starting the fall semester. If you're starting in the fall, you will take pharm during spring semester with MS1, if you starting in the spring, you will take pharm during the fall semester with MS2.

    Plz take heed to this bit of advice... Do NOT complain to your instructors about trivial matters!! There are some things that are not going to change like the schedule, the dates/times of exams, what hospital you are assigned to, etc... If you do, then your legitimate concerns will not be heard.

    Hope this helps and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask...