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  1. I didn't have anywhere else to go, nor do I have anyone to talk to so I figured I would come on here and vent. I recently found out that I am pregnant with my 2nd child, my daughter is a year old. I feel blessed that I have my daughter and another on the way, considering that it took so long to get pregnant with our first. We moved to SA, TX a year ago and I've been staying at home with our daughter, hubby has a steady job. Not the best paying but he has a job. I recently have been taking steps to endorse my lpn license here in TX and I've been looking into RN schools. I actually have my entrance exam scheduled for next week, but now I'm worried. Hubby says I need to start working, that school will have to be put on hold, again. We need to find an apartment that's a 3 bedroom, that's affordable, utilities included and pet allowed, oh and that it's close enough for hubby to get to work and for me to get to my mom's house to drop baby off for when I go to work. I'm so stressed out right now. I don't know what to do. I would like to go to school, but that would mean we would have to stay in this one room apartment that is attached to my mom's house. Plus of staying here would be no bills, wouldn't have to drive to drop kids off for daycare, but hubby wants to move to a bigger place. Which is something that I want as well, but still I'm not sure what to do. I don't even know where to begin looking for a job. Job announcements I have found online require experience in a certain position, req bls cert, or too far of a drive. My head is pounding right now, and I'm hungry! I need to get some rest but I am having a tough time sleeping. Any advice on where to look for lpn jobs or apartments in San Antonio, Tx?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Does your husband not realize that it is best to remain in a free living situation with two kids in diapers and a wife who plans to return to school?

    In my honest opinion, a three-bedroom apartment might be overdoing it at this point in time, especially when the kids will be too young to remember it.

    I hope that you can get your husband to reconsider his plans. It would be totally unfair for you to defer your dreams just for a bigger place with pet amenities that is close to his job.
  4. by   HouTx
    Hmm - with all due respect, I would advise you to put your husband at a higher priority than school right now. Living with in-laws can be very stressful, and trying to deal with 2 kids in such a small place would only add to it. I can't even imagine how you would be able find a space to devote to school/study. Pregnancy and nursing school is really not a good mix, especially if you are in clinicals. But you could always get some pre-reqs out of the way. It would probably be easier to go to nursing school when your kids are a bit older. SA has a wide range of very affordable housing, so you may be surprised at what is available in your price range.

    Marriage is all about give and take. You have been able to move closer to your mother - which is a plus for you. Conceding to his 'wants' right now will offset by the compromises that he'll have to make when you eventually return to school.

    Oh, BTW - we have LVNs in Tx, not LPNs. Good luck with your plans... and give your mom a big hug - she sounds like a real jewel!
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  5. by   bioniclewoman
    I'm not in SA but I would try going to the big area hospitals' websites and search for clinic positions. They tend to hire LVNs. To get a job as an LVN you sometimes have to do a lot of "pounding pavement." This means you have to go to assisted living, long-term care, and long-term-acute care facilities and personally ask if they are hiring and fill out a paper application. Some rural school district hire LVNs for their school nurses. These jobs would be posted on the ISD website. It is almost flu season, what about giving flue shots for places like Wal-greens.