Just moved to Tyler area, need some info and/or help!!!

  1. hello all,

    i just recently moved to the tyler area from connecticut, and i was hoping that someone may have a few answers for me.

    i am part of the air force reserve and have gained education with the air force to be a medic. while in training, i received my cpr license, national registered emt-b, over 500 classroom hour credits, and over 250 hands-on hour credits. with this experience, i was told that i could work in a civilian hospital and have the opportunity to challenge the lpn boards. i also have my texas state license for emt-b.

    i have applied to trinity mother frances, east texas medical center, and ut tyler health center. it has been about a week and i have not heard from any place about employment. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what i could do to get my foot in the door? i'm really looking forward to starting work and being able to raise a family here.

    i also was wondering if someone may know the process to challenge the lpn boards. this would be a great start to my long road to nursing. i was going to do it in new york, but the move happened so fast that i didn't have the chance.

    this would all be greatly appreciated!!

    thank you!!!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    In Texas, there is no mechanism for medics (military or civilian) to take the NCLEX-PN. LVN licensure in TX requires graduation from a VN program.

    Here's the link:
  4. by   RN1989
    Keep calling them and asking about your applications. None of those hospitals in Tyler are good about getting back to people in a timely manner. I know a guy who is an EMT-P working for Mother Francis and he has loved it - except for the snotty women crap that goes on in healthcare. He is looking to get his ADN to increase his salary but he doesn't mind what he is doing now, except for the pay.
  5. by   loricatus
    It wouldn't hurt to try talking to some of the local firehouses and asking them about getting your foot in the door through the ED. The EDs in Texas allow paramedics to draw blood, start IVs, assist in codes, and act in a tech capacity. I have met a few techs that work for the fire dept full time and do hospital work on a part time basis. It might be a really back door approach to getting your foot in the door; but, human resource personnel aren't (in general) the sharpest tools in the shed and may not be able to see your value to an area of the hospital they know so little about its functioning.