I need advice from fellow Houstonians

  1. I have 2 PCT job opportunities. The first is at Memorial Hermann TIRR hospital, and the other is San Jacinto Methodist hospital. Both are great hospitals, but TIRR is about 45 minutes away from my vs. San Jacinto which is about 15 minutes away from me. With that being said.. I feel like there will be more opportunities to see some really cool and innovative things at TIRR considering it is a research and teaching hospital. Just while I was there for my interview I got to watch the doctors running some tests for a clinical trial. On the other hand, San jacinto is still a good hospital. Both pay well, will work around my school schedule, and have tuition reimbursement for nursing school. Why do you guys think? Which job would you take? Thanks!!
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  3. by   HouTx
    My recommendation would depend upon your purpose for working as a PCT. If it is to increase your knowledge base, go with TIRR. But if you want this job to lead to employment post graduation, the best choice would be San Jac. They are much more likely to have new grad jobs available when you are ready for one.

    As a long-time Houstonian, I would also like to clarify the myth that surrounds employment in a TMC facility. These are certainly world-class environments, and nurses working in them have opportunities for exposure to a lot of the newest ideas and cutting-edge technology. However, as a workplace-based nurse educator, I have found that nurses coming out of TMC facilities are actually less skilled because these hospitals are primarily Medical (not nursing) teaching facilities. So, medical students, (interns, residents, fellows, etc) perform most of the tasks that RNs do in non-teaching hospitals. This is true for all clinical settings. The end result is that nurses in community hospitals are usually much more proficient at everything from IV insertion to extubation and managing chest tubes -- certainly more experienced and comfortable with leading a code.
  4. by   Kdrenee
    Thank you for the reply. Those are interesting thoughts and I definitely see what you are saying. Hmm.. Now I really have to think about it. I'm wanting to be a PCT to get myself out there and see what nursing is like. I want to give myself sort of, a stepping stone. Thanks again.