I have another reason why i want to become a nurse!!!

  1. Not only do i want to help people but I want to help myself and I don't mean making a lot of money. Just a few minutes ago i went into the fridge and the only thing in there was a jumbo sausage that you can boil. So I cooked it, wrapped it in a piece of bread with some mustard on top.
    At my last bite the sausage started choking me. my first thought was not again (I choked on a piece of bacon 2 years ago). So i tried to get it out and couldn't so i ran to my dad's room and all he did was sit on the bed and ask me what was wrong. In my head i was like i'm choking!! So all he told me was "throw it up". I ran into the bathroom and i was about to give up because i was hot, tired and dizzy but i thought about my boyfriend, my family, and finally gettiing into the LVn program this fall. So i reached a nd reached again finally the sauge came out piece by piece.
    My dad came to the restroom then and told me next time don't put my finger in my mouth. I was mad. Well i'm happy i'm alive and i know with the bacon incident i said i would never eat bacon again but a week later i ate bacon and i feel like making a sausage sanwhich right know becuz i'm still hungry but i think i'll give it a week. i'll just eat some yogurt. I called my mom she told me to call her back because she was busy, my boyfriend was happy i was alive and told me in the future if i choke again i should fall on top of a chair. like hit my stomache with the top part of a chair. (uh i don't know about that.) I just hope when i go to school i can learn what to do if i choke on food like a faster way to get it out so i can help myself and tell people. An yes i chewed the food very well but those foods can be really rubbery. wow, my dad just bought me a junior BACON cheeseburger from jack in a box. since i'm really hungry i guess i'll eat it but i'll be very careful. P.S.- to all those who decide to read it sorry it was too long but i was almost a gonner and i thought i should tell someone.
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Glad you're ok.

    The chair thing means to do the heimlich by using the chair as a substitute for your hands. Lean over it below the sternum. I'm bad at explaining things.Maybe someone else can do it better.

    Chew carefully next time.
  4. by   pink2004
    thanks i will, i thought i did but i guess i missed a piece.