I have an Order from the BON, Now What?

  1. I am sure I am not a lone. I find that there is very little to no support for nurses that find themselves with an Order placed on there license in Texas. I Hope this thread can develop for the dispiritedly needed support.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    There is a separate forum for nurses in recovery. You might want to check it out.
  4. by   Littlea47
    After handing over my order to my formal employer, I was terminated. Now I have been looking for work for 3 mths. as soon as they find out I have an order, I never receive a call back.... Help......
  5. by   Littlea47
    Thank You....... but that doesn't apply in my situation. However I am trying to develope a support system for any nurse that has received an order from the BON and find themselves where I am at.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Well, sorry to say you are experiencing what almost everyone with formal orders experiences. It is one of the consequences of going into one of these programs. You just have to ride it out the best way you can. One of the ways to find an empathetic employer is to network at peer meetings. There are employers out there that will give you a chance, the hard part is finding one of them who will hire you. Good luck both with your personal health situation and your employment situation.
  7. by   Ms.RN
    Quote from littlea47
    i am sure i am not a lone. i find that there is very little to no support for nurses that find themselves with an order placed on there license in texas. i hope this thread can develop for the dispiritedly needed support.
    can you tell me what kind of order you got from bon? is it related to recovery?
  8. by   Littlea47
    No it doesn't have to do with recovery, more with depression at the time of the incident.
    It doesn't involve any patient care.
  9. by   Ms.RN
    i'm not uderstanding this. how can you be reported to bon if it doesnt involve patient care? are you a new grad? where are you working? whatever is the reason i'm sorry you have to go through this. sometimes i wish there are support groups for the nurses. nursing is stressful enough but our employers have to ruin our life by reporting us to the bon.... is it only the state of tx that nurses are being constantly being reported?? i hope everything goes well with you.... i really do...
  10. by   Littlea47
    No, I am not a new grad. and I have not been able to find a job. I am doing good, emotionally but have no idea how to launch my career back up. I am finding that, mental health when it comes to nurses is taboo and isn't talked about. Which I find very sad. I have Faith this will only make me stronger and something good will come out of this.

    Thank You for your kind words.
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