Houston: Help Choosing a Hospital to Work At

  1. Hi everyone. I'm planning a move to Houston in the Fall/Winter 2013 and needed help from nurses that work there especially in ICUs. I hear great things about the Medical Center hospitals and I'm applying to all of them but can't seem to find what I'll feel will be the best for me.

    When I move there, I'll have worked in an ICU for three years with post open heart surgery care for two of them. I will have also worked with neuro patients for all those three years as well. I'd like to think that the ICU I work at has let me experienced most everything except post transplant and trauma patients and that's basically what I want to learn.

    Can anyone tell me about their experience working in any of the Medical Center hospitals? Especially Memorial Hermann, Methodist and St. Luke's?
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  3. by   HouTx
    All are Magnet organizations with similar benefit structures. If you're interested in CVICU, either The Methodist (yes, "The" is part of their name) or St. Lukes are your best bets. Both have reknowned heart programs - dating back to the fabled DeBakey (Methodist) and Cooley (St. Lukes) rivalry. Memorial Hermann TMC is better known for their other service lines, including their pioneering trauma care. Be prepared to deal with some inconveniences if you are determined to work in a TMC (The Medical Center) facility - like dealing with remote parking & the ongoing issues of dealing with a constant flow of medical (physician) trainees of all levels. Although nursing is essential to their success, they are absolutely physician-centric. One of the major advantages of working in that area is the very close proximity to several choices for relatively inexpensive (nursing) graduate education - hope you can take advantage of it!

    Be sure to carefully examine the commuting patterns before settling on your housing location. Don't make a decision just based upon distance, since driving time may actually be less for some areas that are farther away. Popular areas for TMC employees are Mid-Town & the 288 Corridor.
  4. by   kimpatrtan
    It looks like St. Luke's and "The" Methodist are the front runners. I already have an interview at St. Luke's. Methodist hasn't responded yet to my application. In terms of physician-centric, my hospital is notorious for "catering to the doctors" in my community so hopefully I'll be prepared for that. we're not a teaching hospital though, so we'll see...

    And in fact, I'm moving to Houston BECAUSE of the graduate education! Yay!

    Anyway, thanks. I'm glad for the feedback as always.
  5. by   adgarner1
    I suggest you switch to pediatrics and work at Texas Children's in the CVICU. It is #3 in the nation for cardiac services, congenital heart surgeries are way cooler than the adult ones. They do different vads and ecmo, which all can be pretty exciting.
  6. by   kimpatrtan
    I wish I could work with kids but I can't. I can't deal with sick kids. It emotionally drains me within a couple of days and I'd burn out in a heart beat.