hospitals that pay for nursing school

  1. Does anyone know of Texas hospitals that pay for your nursing school in exchange for a 2 year comittment after graduation?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Most of the major hospital systems provide tuition reimbursement for employees without the need for a contract later. This is part of what allowed me to become an RN when I worked for a hospital blood bank.
  4. by   porkchop83
    I know that some hospitals in Houston, such as MD Anderson, has what they call a nurse cohort program. Well, first, you have to be an employee for 6 months and want to pursue nursing. Basically, they pay you $4000 as tuition reimbursement. But for every year that you accept the money, you are agreeing to work for them after you graduate. I think it's a win win situation. But, getting a job there can be very difficult unless you know somebody who is currently an employee.

    Good luck with everything. If there's anything I can help answer, just ask :spin:
  5. by   carachel2
    Baylor All Saints received a mega endowment a few years ago that is used explicitly for paying for nursing school for employees. I don't know what the work contract requirements are, but I know you are obligated to some extent. There are LOTS of CNA's who are going to RN school courtesy this money. The most recent one I knew worked a few shifts a week and had her tuition and books completely paid for courtesy this fund.
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  6. by   Nancyebg
    In the Dallas and Fort Worth area, the company that owns the Presbyterian, Harris Methodist, and Arlington Memorial Hospitals (Texas Health Resources) has a strong tuition reimbursement program. They also deliver on-site nursing school classes for ADN, BSN, and MSN programs through partnerships with El Centro and UTA. I believe this is overseen through their corporate education department.
  7. by   camiluvsNURSING
    Methodist Hospital of Dallas also offers tuition reimbursement for their "in-house" RN program, it is also through El Centro College and you have to e an employee there for at least 6 months.