1. I was wondering how long it took for TWU to get your HESI exam scores? I wanted to schedule my exam for JULY 18TH,but i was reading another thread saying something about them not releasing your HESI scores until a month has past? The deadline is Sep 1st and i don't want my scores to be sent to them the last minute.I hope someone can clarify things for me.

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  3. by   ser2011
    I don't know. You find out your score right after the exam is over. But, you do not get your analyized scores sent to you until a month later. I don't know how long it would take them to send your scores to TWU. July 18th is really cutting it close.

    I would strongly recommend calling the school of nursing and asking about it!

    Also, just so you know there is a thread for students applying to TWU for the Spring 2010 semester.
  4. by   RNJD77
    oh wow.Yeah i called the school of nursing yesterday and the woman gave me the number to another lady I'm going to call today since she didn't know.I think that's crazy why we have to wait a month.I don't mind me waiting I'm just worried about when TWU gets the scores! thanks so much!
  5. by   ser2011
    Yeah sure! Let me know what they tell you, I'm curious!
  6. by   RNJD77
    Ok i talked to some woman today at the Denton office school of nursing since that's where the scores go,and she told me that they get the scores the first week of every month.So if i take the net in the beginning or middle of Next month or whenever,they get the scores the first week of august.
  7. by   goopsy
    yah, you should be fine if you take it mid july. I don't think that is cutting it close at all since it's not due till sept 1. They would get the scores the first or second day of August. That would be one whole month before the deadline. So it is not necessarily a whole month that you have to wait...just when the month ends. In your case, it would just be two weeks. I took mine May 24 and it was sent to UTA Jun 1 (got an email confirming this and I called UTA to make sure). For anyone taking it in August, I would be worried about making that sep 1 deadline for sure!!!!
  8. by   RNJD77
    kool!Yeah i registered for the mid of July so that should give me enuff time to review for the Hesi exam! thanks!
  9. by   rmg5353
    just curious if anyone is applying to UTA and TWU. I have taken the HESI for UTA but when I asked if I can send those scores to UTA, they told me that I would have to retake it because of 'paperwork' issues. Just wondering if anyone else has run into the same problem.
  10. by   goopsy
    ummm... I would be furious and demand more answers. When I registered for my test, I had them send it to UTA as my "free/first" pick. They told me in order to send it to TWU, I would just have to call and pay $15 or $20 to send it to them. What kind of paperwork issues are they talking about? I would be curious to know since there IS NO paperwork involved! You send them an email, they send you one back, then you go take your test. If it is paperwork, it's on their end, and I would tell them you didn't take your test to do well so they could mess up on paperwork, meaning you would have to retake it. I heard someone else on here having issues with this and it makes me first mad, and then nervous since I still need to send it to TWU.
  11. by   rmg5353
    Yeah, they have now added it as one of their FAQ's on their website. The test is $85. lol.

    Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about having to take the test again. I know UTA doesn't require the sciences and TWU does... but, it would be great if we could just take the portion that we haven't taken.